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JoinedJune 1, 2016
BasesIron Cross, Ireton
PastOrder of the Tower

IvoireThePaladin is a builder that built at Ireton and reconstructed Castle Hatehart.


IvoireThePaladin joined 2b2t on June 1, 2016 from TheCampingRusher's video.

He set up in Castle Hatehart, expanded it, and farmed resources for several days before leaving Spawn via the Nether highways. He stayed at a variety of small bases within a few hundred kilometers for the remainder of the Rusher War, most notably at his base Iron Cross, which he built with money_creeper03.

When the April Fool's 2017 Temp Map occurred, IvoireThePaladin went to Fort Dick, where he met Irevore, Kraze7997, Crayfisher2012, janne1204, D0NTkillKENNY, and ForgottenHarmony.

When the main map returned, IvoireThePaladin and the rest of the group moved to Irevore's base, Ireton. IvoireThePaladin regularly traveled back to Castle Hatehart to make repairs after it had been griefed several times by iTavux and a player simply known as 'G'. When IvoireThePaladin got there after an especially large grief, he met Negative_Entropy, who had already repaired large sections of the base.[1] They became friends there and afterward IvoireThePaladin was invited to the Spawnmasons as a guest, but later decided to leave to focus on Ireton. After Castle Hatehart suffered an abnormally destructive grief in January 2017, he left a small monument there, and then concentrated solely on Ireton (largely in the form of autofishing) until he went inactive.[2]