Ironfarm Base

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Ironfarm Base
InhabitantsDrathader, fr1kin, iTristan, jared2013, Joey_Coconut, Fake KnightVista, Slappnbadkids, Vertrix
Location(-169100, -70400)
StartedOctober 2016 (eight years ago)
LeakeriTristan (accidentally) and ChromeCrusher
GriefedApril 20, 2017 (seven years ago)
World download
LinkNot Available

Ironfarm Base was a base built in late 2016 just before the 11/11 dupe that housed several large autofarms, large builds, and a large stash.

The center of the base, jared2013's Hall of Thieves is visible in the background
The sign wall outside of the Hall of Thieves


jared2013 and fr1kin founded Ironfarm Base following the destruction of another base of theirs they shared with 0xymoron and others, nearby. Following the grief of La Rosa by Slappnbadkids, C4RTM4N asked jared2013 to befriend Slappnbadkids and attempt to get his items back. Instead, Slappnbadkids, jared2013, fr1kin, and, later C4RTM4N became friends.


AutismBot was invited to fr1kin and jared2013's Ironfarm Base. When jared2013 learned of the 11/11 dupe, AutismBot and fr1kin were some of the first players to be notified. It was around this time that jared2013 began construction of his massive "Hall of Thieves" there. Many friends of theirs visited, such as iTristan and Fake KnightVista. It was during this time that iTristan released a video of the base that included bedrock. This is before the bedrock coordinate exploit was known, and would lead to the base's eventual demise.

Ironfarm Base became a hub of items, and stashes were created all around the base. The largest stash was griefed by fake KnightVista, but the coordinates were not leaked. In addition, smaller bases were found on the outskirts of Ironfarm Base, and Coordinate exploits involving sound (similar to Thunderhack) were used in the vicinity. The base was subsequently abandoned.

Later Days

Autismbot invited Drathader and Joey_Coconut to the base in early 2017, although the base would not progress much farther. It was mainly used for autofarm afking and gear storage for the rest of its lifespan.


ChromeCrusher used his bedrock exploit to find the base using iTristan’s released footage of the base, and gave Parthicus the coordinates. Receiving a warning from AlphaComputer about the imminent destruction of the base, AutismBot tipped Joey_Coconut off. Joey left on March 30, and BedTP'd to Block Game Mecca. Parthicus reached and destroyed the base the next day.