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BasesMu, Block Game Jerusalem, Avalysium, Mediano, Spawn Train, Mapopoly, Sky Masons, Spawn Migration, Don Maximus, The 2b2t Museum
TypeDeveloper, World Downloader, Archivist
CurrentSpawnMasons, The Society, TEA, t gang, , Highway Workers Union, Spawn Builders Association, Bookhood, OHA, WaterWay Union
PastInfinity Incursion, Guardsmen, Eclipse, Southern Canal Association

IronException is a player well known for his renders of Spawn, his role as a SpawnMason, and developer. He often Archives bases through World Downloading and has helped create several Map Arts. One of his Spawn renders was used in November 2020 on the front page of Wikipedia when 2b2t was featured in the "Did you know" section.



On the third of February, 2020, IronException was the first player to reach the +X Nether World Border.


In the fall of 2021, IronException was invited to the Mapopoly Project by Dawnfall_ and Oofplux. It was a very large mapart, designed as a Monopoly board, which would end up being one of the largest maparts ever created on 2b2t, being an 11x11 mapart, and consisting of 1,982,464 blocks.


In early 2023, IronException was invited to join WaterWay Union by ThebesAndSound. He worked with Thebes and PotheMagicDragon to design different hack client modules to help with the construction and maintenance of the Southern Canal. Iron is still active in WWU helping the members to continue their work on the Canal.


IronException's sign at +X Nether World Border