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Insomnia's Logo
FoundedMarch 2020
DisbandmentJune 2020

Insomnia's Banner

Insomnia is a small group dedicated to bedtrapping as many people as possible. It was founded by Rumanaitor and Heliosphera, and gained prominence during the Ice Donkey Dupe of April 2020. Insomnia grew large as a result of letting in all who desired to be. Its symbol is an open eye, a reference to the state of Insomnia, in which one keeps their sleepless eyes open.


Similarly to VoCo's system, Insomnia was planned to be divided unto "seasons" to make sure the group did not die. Before its eventual hiatus, the group went through 3 different seasons:

Season 1

This Season started when Heliosphera named the group "Insomnia". They moved quickly, planning a meetup and choosing a remote location to celebrate the creation of the group. Immediately following this, they attended the Milk Maids wedding March 28th. During this meetup, the group gave coordinates of the meeting place to Eyelll, who would eventually compromise the site.

Season 1 consisted nearly entirely of bedtrapping, with few events or bases.

Season 2

Season 2 was Insomnia's main rise to prominence, as the dup├Čng and distribution of bedtrap kits grew up to the point where many people started hearing about Insomnia. As the gang started to transform into a proper group, so did Heliosphera's leadership of it, along with Rumanaitor, they started to spam withers and Season 1 banners all over spawn, getting the attention of many players, going as far as creating a Newfag Helpline which would lure new players unto Insomnia's ever-growing grip.

Season 3

Season 3 started in a pretty unexpected way, which would've eventually led to the downfall of the group, starting when Fit released his video on begging for help in 2b2t, where AtomOnTop, an Insomnia member, failed to bedtrap him, which would lead to Fit revealing how to recognize and avoid a bedtrap. At this point, the leaders, Rumanaitor and Heliosphera decided to lie low until the hype cooled down, during this moment of stasis, however, the group started to slowly become inactive; with most of the original gang either stopping playing in the server or drifting away from the group. At this point, Heliosphera, trying to revive the group once again, came up with The Insurgency, the spiritual successor to Insomnia, which would extend its branches to other forms of annoyance, such as book kicking and portal trapping. Unfortunately, this idea fell short, as not enough members from Insomnia made the change unto the new group. The Insurgency would eventually die as Heliosphera and Rumanaitor both resigned from their positions of leadership, and going their separate ways, with Rumanaitor seemingly taking a break from 2b2t and Heliosphera going unto other projects, such as helping The Klansmen with the removal of the Bedrock Comet.



In March 2020, a group of players, including the founder, Rumanaitor decided to band together and bedtrap people at 0 0, shortly after, the second leader, Heliosphera, would arrive to the scene during their first spawn exploration in a long time; during this bedtrapping mayhem, Rumanaitor and the others decided to form a gang exclusively to bedtrap people, going by the name of The Bedtrap Gang, name which would later change to Insomnia when Heliosphera decided to make the gang an actual group.

At first, the group didn't get a lot of traction, having a small growth during the bedtrapping sprees, where other players would approach and eventually join the ranks, it wouldn't be until the arrival of April where Insomnia would start to grow.

The Ice Donkey Dupe

The 25th of March, YavinYt, a member of the gang got the schematic to build a strange ice road that would seemingly dupe items, planning to use it to dupe more beds to further increase bedtrapping rates. Although it seemed suspicious at first, the gang met up at spawn and chose a remote location where a donkey was spotted; this unnamed dupe station would eventually be abandoned, as the group lost interest in a probably fake dupe, but, unbeknownst to them, the dupe did work, and April 1st they got to work on duping as many bedtrap kits as they could and starting what would be later known as Season 2.


  • Ceifh Bedtwapper (Highest role - Leadership)
  • Inner Circle
  • Senior Bedtrappers
  • Junior Bedtrappers
  • Initiate/Part-time Insomniacs (Lowest)

Initiates are members who have just joined Insomnia, Juniors are members who participated in the bedtrap sprees held at spawn and/or that contributed to the group, Seniors are members who were there since the beginning, The Inner Circle was a higher group of Senior ranks who had the trust of the leaders.