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Inquisition was a 2019 building group that is now inactive.

The Inquisition's Banner
FoundedApril 28 2019



Inquisition would form April 28, 2019 as a few players were talking in chat about starting a group to rival the size of other groups. The first founders of the Inquisition would be Leemaster12, Mine_Fett, Chaupipozo, and Talonted97. Days go by and the group begins recruiting close friends and players picked up from spawn including: Cancerous_Vibez, Dqmen, SplatWeck, and Matt_Marino. By this time the original founders turned a small group of friends into an idea for a group that nobody would expect, the Spanish Inquisition. Chaupipozo on his own free time spent lots of time rebuilding a castle from 2016 on a diagonal highway and it became the main headquarters for operations and a symbol for the founders. Now, the group had a constant flow of new members, a base of operations, and a gimmick that was original (for a 2b group); however, they lacked necessary supplies to further gear new recruits. So, Leemaster12 sought out VoCo to gather more supplies. he thought he had become friends with some of the members those being K1ng_1nfern0, kildrio, Adew, and prof_renderer; consequently, VoCo remodeled Hispania into one of their outposts by building vortexes all over the walls. Accusations thrown out by the founders were directed towards a new recruit named Cold51. Another recruit named Duskitty tried to reason with the Inquisitors, but they would not listen. The members ended up destroying the VoCo symbols at the base and banned Cold51. The following day would see the entire group inevitably blacklisted from VoCo.

This prompted the group to believe that Cold51 was the initial insider; however, Cold was banned from VoCo also, by this time Mine_Fett had used an alt to see a recruit named Kildrio boasting about banning a rogue splinter group from VoCo. The amount of dislike held for Kildrio would completely fuel his need for attention, and in this situation he completely crushed the groups supplies. Now by this time, most of the Inquisition did not have priority queue and so it became increasingly difficult for all of them to work on projects, and as the group faded into inactivity, a founder of the group, Leemaster12, would move to other groups and server-wide events such as The Purge and Emperium. By this time, the group would gain an ally through these connections, The Astral Republic. Although most of the group would stay inactive, the current leader of the Republic, jay_monroe, would see great potential in the small building group. In fact, Jay would publicly voice his opinion on a group merge between the two, but that would be refused by the Inquisitors. Soon after the two groups became allies, an Emperium led coup de tac of the leader would become of the Astral Republic. Furthermore, as the group continued to see a period of inactivity, one of the original founders, Mine_Fett would completely leave and quit anarchy permanently.


The period of inactivity for the Inquisition would continue until December 2019 when the current leader of the group, Leemaster12 would begin to try and spark activity within the few members had remained. And after talking with Pope_Viper and asking the original Inquisitors if they would like to join back to the server, they decided to finally make something out of the group. For about 3-4 months the Inquisition built and rebuilt old Astral bases as a way to keep activity and bring older Astral players into the group. Many of these bases stand as of June 2020, but the most notable, Hispania and Atlantica have both been griefed separately. February of 2020 saw the group create a UGE type group called the League of Factions. Within the couple of weeks that it was active, groups such as the Society, Blackfyre, Followers of the Crafting Table, IIS, Spawnmasons, Italia, Millennium, New FacePunch Republic, Headpats4all, and Blackguard would all join to create joint bases. As soon as the League of Factions died, the Inquisition would see yet another period of inactivity that would continue to this day. This would be due in part to the large queue size and the degradation of the server's community. Active members of the group who played on clone server DestroyMC would migrate into DonFuer and others would join the peaceful build group known as The Blackguard to continue playing on the server.


Flag of The Inquisition
  • Grand Inquisitor - The leaders of the group
  • Senior Inquisitors - Inquisitors that have been in the group over 6 months
  • Inquisitors - The members that have proven their worth by either participating in building, recruiting, activity, etc., and have stayed in the group longer than 2 months
  • Apprentices - Members that have actively participated in at least one build, but haven't been in the group longer than 2 months
  • Converts - The newest recruited members, who were only assigned to one temporary base

Notable Members

Griefing of a Rome Republic base with most of the members.

Pope_Viper - Grand Inquisitor (retired)

Leemaster12 - Grand Inquisitor

Mine_Fett - Grand Inquisitor (retired)

Talonted97 - Senior Inquisitor/Former Grand Inquisitor (retired)

LordGalvatronMC - Inquisitor

Dqmen - Inquisitor

Chaupipozo - Inquisitor

JadeTheCat - Inquisitor

Cancerous_Vibez - Inquisitor

MikelAx7 - Apprentice

Arbiee/Bombsome - Apprentice

Ouijiaboard/Pikachu224 - Apprentice

Apple - Apprentice

DanthePokemario - Apprentice (retired)

Jelooboi - Apprentice