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"Fly into our flame and you will find peace"

Infrared was a large group lead and founded by Retronautx. The group is known for its abundance of spawnfag and pvp-er membership and its membership in the Alpha Alliance. The group is also known for its participation in VoPerium, The Voperium Vs. Infrared, and the Alpha Alliance Vs. UGE conflicts. The group has had several reforms/disbands and but remained to be a large group on the server.

Approx. founding date October 20th, 2017
Approx. disbandment date August 26th, 2018
Status Disbanded
Number of members ~40
Number of bases 11
Notable members Retronautx, IHackedWalmart, Azurilex, Maxtorcd55, Killet (Ex Member), Metrez (Ex Member), IHackdWindowsXP, SmackAttack86 (Ex Member), Lexaii, and Frrost_Bite

Infrared Phase I (Inferno) (October 2017 - January 2018)

Infrared (previously known as Inferno) was founded in late October 2017 with the help of the founder's good friend Retronautx. Retronautx invited a handful of friends to join the team, including Metrez and IHackedWalmart. The founder recruited members JoSaZa and Klimax at spawn to help Inferno grow. Once Inferno had about 5-10 members, they erected a headquarters approximately 500k blocks out in the overworld. The headquarters lasted a few weeks until a conflict begun between VoCo (the Vortex Coalition) and the Emperium (known as the Vo-Perium war).

The Vo-Perium War

A member from the Emperium, Racewizard was insiding Inferno and obtained a high rank within the group compromising their HQ. In retaliation to this Inferno made an alliance with VoCo to help fight Emperium, the Vo-Perium war only lasted three weeks with little actually being done. Emperium did manage to send many insiders into Inferno using the same tactics as they used on Visionary, several Inferno bases got griefed, most notably their HQ and Paragon (a base that Inferno claimed). After the Vo-Perium war ended, VoCo and Emperium put their differences aside and made an alliance but Emperium remained hostile to Inferno, causing them to end their alliance with VoCo.

The End of Phase I

Around this time, Retronautx and the founder were arguing on the future direction of the group. Due to frustration, the founder left Inferno and placed Retronautx in charge. Due to insiding, griefing and lack of player activity, Retronautx called for reforms which led to the birth of Infrared.

Infrared Phase II (January 2018 - August 2018)

Infrared was a fresh start after the fall of Inferno, a new discord was set up and the old members from Inferno joined as well as many other players, they grew quite rapidly in the first two months of 2018 and accepting many Peacekeepers. The Peacekeepers had gone quite inactive sometime when the Unification period began, IHackedWalmart invited the remaining active Peacekeepers to join the new group (including Pandasauce, the leader of PK). Infrared also sought vengeance on Emperium for completely destroying Inferno and making them have to start over again, for the entirety of Phase II Infrared hated the Emperium.

United Group Embassy Conflict

Infrared were invited by Emperium to join the United Group Embassy as an offering to put their differences aside in hopes for a better future for the server. Infrared having not let go of the fall of Inferno attempted to inside UGE and grief them, Retronautx managed to obtain the coordinates to the First Physical Embassy which IHackedWalmart griefed, the members of the UGE all decided that they will go to war with Infrared. Infrared was up against 14 groups, making it look impossible for infrared to come close to winning. However, Infrared persisted after having several bases that were newly established at the time griefed due to not taking safety precautions with bases and making it easy for insiders to obtain coords which meant they never had any notable builds because they would be griefed before they were able to build anything nice due to being easily insided and wanting to pvp at spawn constantly. Infrared would later establish friendly relations with the Highland after they leaked the coordinates to the Third Physical Embassy and both having a common enemy, Highland members joined Infrared's ranks to help with the cause. Infrared would also combat UGE at spawn several times at spawn, however the UGE militia had more good pvpers than Infrared leading to Infrared losing battles at spawn a lot. Infrared attempted to inside UGE and Emperium but didn't succeed in doing much damage to them, Infrared managed to get their headquarters compromised by an insider who had obtained a high rank but infrared moved all the valuables before anything major was lost.

The Alpha Alliance

The Alpha Alliance was formed sometime in late February to rival the UGE at spawn, AA was a triple alliance between the Peacekeepers, Highland and Infrared (with Team Rainbow and Team Virus later joining). Not long after the alliance was formed, the three groups scored their first victory against UGE at spawn, they managed to hold spawn for a considerable amount of time. For the next month fighting would continue at spawn with AA trying to sabotage UGE plans at spawn but unable to make long-term damage to any of the UGE groups, fighting slowly died down in March 2018 and the Alliance was less active, some major battles would occur at spawn in this time both exchanging victories and losses. On Marchy 20th 2018 when the temporary map went up due to hause moving the server onto a bigger hard drive, the AA thrived and on the first day of the tempmap they had all been fully geared, the alliance mostly stayed together and saw roughly 15 members actively working on bases to survive the map, they managed to do this during all 3 temporary maps of spring 2018. When the 6th incursion began after AntVenom's video on 2b2t the AA decided to resist against the incursion due to many of their enemies being in it. However, only a week and a half after the incursion began the AA fell apart due to internal conflict. Only a few days after the Alliance fell apart, Infrared cut ties with Highland after some drama, leaving Infrared and a very inactive PK against the Emperium.

The VoPerium vs Infrared War

Roughly three months since the 6th incursion began and the fall of AA nothing notable really happened, until Retronautx griefed a VoCo spawnbase with Coltsnid AFK there, Coltsnid was forced to log, after this he spoke to TheDark_Emperor and Ericudo and they agreed on starting the VoPerium vs Infrared war, a war that was supposed to finally end Infrared. In retaliation to this WindowsXP and WomenAreObjects (WAO) griefed a VoCo spawnbase with neither VoCo or Emperium doing anything to harm them yet. Not long later some drama went down with WAO (a member who had been loyal to Infrared for a long time) which resulted in him leaking almost every Infrared base except for IHackedWalmart's stash, all the valuable items from every base and stash were moved to a safe location but Infrared had lost all of their bases, Infrared also resolved differences with Highland after WAO's betrayal. Two other bases were made after this but WindowsXP leaked them by accident, after this no further bases were made due to member activity declining massively and there were roughly 6 remaining active members, for 2 weeks almost nothing happened during the war. When VoCo began to renovate their spawn base at 420 911, Infrared members saw this as an opportunity to attack VoCo at spawn and obliterate their spawn base. WindowsXP, dabigbulletz638, IHackedWalmart, Retronautx and jared2013 took on the VoCo spawn squad and managed to beat them in a huge pvp battle, wither the base and had assistance lavacasting it by jared2013. After this battle the war was the same as it was before the battle, Infrared and Highland were constantly at 0,0 nether killing anyone who wasn't in either group, these were how Infrared's last days were spent.

The End of Phase II

After jared2013 began to argue with Retronautx about how he ran the group, jared made a chat for all the active Infrared members where they would withdraw from the group and cripple it. Jared got WindowsXP and bigbullet to leave the group and the next day Retronaut decided it was time for Infrared to end and disbanded it. After this Coltsnid immediately claimed victory and said the VoPerium Alliance crushed Infrared, but in reality Infrared had destroyed itself due to making many mistakes that would cause the group to be destined to fail. Many of the well-known Infrared members are now in Highland with some exceptions, most notable WindowsXP who went on to do other things and dislike the Highland.


Over 3 months after Infrared disbanded, a new group called Iridium was made which was comprised of many ex-infrared members, Highland and more. Iridium was founded by dabigbulletz638, IHackedWalmart and Retronautx., it had around 18 members as well as some more recruits, there were no known bases except for a stash mentioned in the public channel in the discord a couple of times. Iridium did pvp at spawn with the highland and griefed a couple of bases together, there was no conflict with the Emperium or VoCo at all, a member got bookbanned by the pvp group known as Cydonia as well as Cydonia claiming to have griefed one of their stashes. Some drama occurred in the public chat between 0ffsets and WAO where a leader sided with WAO leading to 0ffsets getting kicked and WAO becoming a member, 0ffsets leaked an Iridium stash afterwards and WAO got the rank of council. After IHackedWalmart left Iridium him and bigbullet revived the Peacekeepers, Retronaut decided to disband Iridium and join PK. A month later Iridium disbanded due to inactivity and lack of enthusiasm from members.

Infrared Phase III (January 2019)

After almost 5 months of no Infrared on 2b2t after it's disbandment in August 2018, Retronaut decided to revive the group not long after his group Iridium disbanded. Infrared did nothing much notable since it's revival as they were later disbanded once again on January 26th, 2019, due to safety concerns for Retronaut. Not long later Infrared yet again disbanded and Phase III was a failure.


Infrared ranks highest to lowest:

  • Leader - Retronautx
  • Second in Command - IHackedWalmart
  • Council - Co-leaders of infrared. These members help with future decisions for the group
  • Elite - Most trusted members who have demonstrated leadership skills, and have shown loyalty for a long time
  • Trusted - Members who are mostly trusted within the group
  • Member - Basic member, not fully trusted but has shown worth
  • Recruit - New applicants who have been accepted into Infrared
Infrared Members at nether spawn

Infrared Members

Phase II

  • Retronautx (Current Leader)
  • IHackedWalmart (2nd in command)
  • maxtorcd55 (Council)
  • Lex (Council)  
  • WindowsXP (Council)  
  • dabigbulletz638 (Elite)
  • jared2013 (Elite)
  • ExInvaderRay (Elite)  
  • Azurilex (Elite)
  • Klez_01 (Elite)
  • Kinetic_Spectrum (Elite)
  • Brayin (Elite)
  • pop_pop_po (Trusted)
  • The_Grand_lotus (Trusted)
  • PandaSauceYT (Trusted)
  • a9p (Trusted)
  • AlphaCentauriA1 (Trusted)
  • p0kin (Trusted)
  • PurpFounder (Trusted)
  • 0ffsets (Member)
  • Klimaxx (Member)
  • JcTheLime (Member)
  • _Mikerific_ (Member)
  • OikOik (Member)
  • RyRyCat (Member)
  • Tyler_Coolman (Member
  • snipecaik (Member)


  • Rainbow - Strong Allies due to a friendship between Retronaut and Brayin (leader of rainbow).
  • Highland - The two groups have exchanged members for a long time and have very close ties.
  • The Eyes of the Zodiac - Allies
  • Emperium - Infrared sided with VoCo during the Vo-perium war, since then Infrared and Emperium have not gotten along and when Infrared griefed the United Group Embassy, the two groups have been fighting, insiding and griefing each other ever since.
  • Astral Order - Previously allied, now neutral.
  • All UGE groups - Infrared griefed the UGE hq making enemies with them and all the groups in the embassy.
  • VoCo - VoCo and Infrared were once allied during the Vo-perium war. The two groups are no longer allies now due to VoCo allying with Emperium after the war. They are now neutral. After Retronaut griefed a VoCo base, they officially became enemies and the Vo-Perium vs Infrared war began when it was found Coltsnid was talking to Emperium leaders about fighting Infrared.
  • Soviets - Enemies due to their somewhat alliance with Emperium.
  • Unidad - Infrared and Unidad were once allies, they are now no longer after Infrared griefed the Embassy.
  • PK - PK is very inactive but many active 2b2t players who are in PK joined infrared and two co leaders of the group (IHackedWalmart and WindowsXP) are in PK. The two groups played together on the 2b2t tempmaps during the Alpha Alliance, they are strong allies.
  • Asylum - Infrared and Asylum were enemies due to many of it's members being in Emperium and also because of City (the leader of asylum) would constantly shittalk and annoy infrared members. Retronaut and City later became friends and have since become more friendly (Asylum is also dead now).
  • Eternity - Eternity was insided by infrared with great ease (due to Ultimate21Alex's stupididy) and griefed their spawn base.
  • Freelancers - Retronaut and a few infrared members griefed the Freelancer hq making Infrared the first official enemy of the freelancers. The Freelancers declared war on Infrared but infrared don't care.
  • Don Fuer - Due to WindowsXP's hatred for D_loaded and several other Donfuerians and the bitterness between PK and Donfuer, the two groups are enemies.
  • Spawn Masons - Relations between these two groups have been relatively neutral, when Inferno were allies with VoCo and the Masons being a group spawned after the "disbandment" of the Vortex Coalition technically that would make the two allies. Recently Infrared griefed a Spawn Mason base making the two unfriendly.