Imperator's Base 2

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Imperator's Base 2, known to the original inhabitants simply as Imperator's Base, was an exact copy of the original Imperator's Base, placed elsewhere in the world by iTristan using backdoor access in late 2015. It was leaked by Fit to orsond and subsequently griefed over a 15-hour timeframe by jared2013, orsond, and HermeticLock on May 31, 2021.

Imperator's Base 2
InhabitantsCheetah_Ross, CytotoxicTcell, GrandmasterZK, HansivomAll, HiveTyrantRaphi, ImperatorTerrae, iTristan, irishboy55, jddinger, JohnZoo, LegitLobster, l_amp, Llane, Offtopia, popbob, StneCldKilla, THEJudgeHolden, xcc2
StartedLate 2015
LeakerFit, Llane, Parthicus
GriefedMay 30, 2021
Griefersjared2013, HermeticLock, and orsond
World download
LinkNot Available


Copy of the Base

When Imperator's Base was located in late 2015, ImperatorTerrae requested iTristan relocate the base using his backdoor access to the server. The coordinates of the base were selected with a simple algorithm, which shifted the chunk coordinates of the base by -3x on the X axis, and 1.5x on the Z axis. This was done using a python script. Due to an issue changing the coordinates of tile entities, any area rendered by iTristan immediately following the move was damaged and stripped of its NBT data. After the destruction of the original Imperator's Base, a handful of accounts were teleported to the new location by iTristan.

Kali's Gape

Kali's Gape, known to the inhabitants as "the gape", is a large hole in the ground created by iTristan using WorldEdit following the base's move. Its name is a reference to a girl iTristan had a crush on in 2014, and for whom he created a statue at Imp's. It was named by Jacktherippa following the destruction of the base. The original gape was a void hole, however it was filled with a layer of bedrock by one of 2b2t's plugins at some point in 2016.

Additional Structures

The original base remained largely untouched, except for a small new build made by l_amp with assistance from jared2013 during the base's destruction. A new area of the base was created several thousand blocks away, primarily by StneCldKilla, and a Space Valkyria-esque tower was made in the ocean by Llane.


Although there were several hints of the base's existence from 2015 until 2020, no conclusive evidence was found until popbob leaked the coordinates to the remaining members of Nerds Inc in late 2020. Additionally, the coordinates of the base were leaked by Llane to Fit as well as Jacktherippa, who then shared information about the base's existence with Parthicus and AlphaComputer. Following a conversation with AlphaComputer, Orsond reached out to jared2013, and decided to form a group for the purpose of finding the base. HermeticLock was later added to the group due to his past affiliation with Llane. While the group attempted to utilize a supposed image of the base's region files, it proved unnecessary as the coordinates were teased by Fit, and eventually leaked completely by him on May 29, 2021. Following a survey and world download of the base, jared2013 was spotted by l_amp, and the base was griefed over a 15-hour period on May 31, 2021.