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JoinedMid 2019
Alternative Accounts187K187K
CurrentMotorway Extension Gurus, Highway Workers Union

illville502 is a digger and notable player on 2b2t. He is a member of the Motorway Extension Gurus and is responsible for one of the largest projects in survival Minecraft.


illville first learned of 2b2t in 2013 from playing on another anarchy Minecraft server called "Where is your god?". The majority of the player base ended up moving to 2b2t in the summer of 2013 after the server had issues of constantly not working. He tried playing on the server back then but lava surrounded spawn and he gave up trying to escape spawn. 6 years later he started seeing 2b2t in his YouTube recommendations and he watched some FitMC videos and ended up returning to the server. Escaping spawn for him wasn't hard at all, as he just harvested apples from trees and went 16K blocks away from spawn to make a giant wheat farm. He streamed his journey live on twitch and had some people named Cool Cookie and one of his friends show up. The people that showed up throughout his streams shockingly tended to be nice towards him. They placed pig spawners, gave him tips on the server and gave him his first unbreakable kits on the server. They also gave him information on the WWE Donkey Dupe which was one of the public dupes at the time, but he didn't use this for 2 months as he was more interested in getting as far away from spawn as possible.

Leading the Motorway Extension Gurus

On October 15, 2019, Citadel2222 was on his way to the -x -z World Border, and made a stop at -5,000,000 -5,000,000 to check if any structures had been made at the milestone. He flew a bit around the area and stumbled upon illville. illville expected immediate death, however Citadel was not hostile and a friendship began. illville and Citadel decided to build a milestone at -5M -5M, due to the lack of one at the coordinates. For two weeks they dedicated their hours on 2b2t to building the milestone. They decided their next project would be to extend the -x -z highway, which to their knowledge ended at -4M -4M. However, once they re-entered the nether they discovered that the highway had been dug. They were understandably confused so they followed the dug out highway and left signs to try to communicate with the unknown player. The individual in question was a player named VeryVon who had been digging the highway with his custom digging bot. The three decided to band together to dig to the -x -z World Border and it was on this day (the 28th of November 2019), that the Motorway Extension Gurus were founded. illville was very active in the early days of MEG, first completing his dig to the -x -z World Border, then completing the dig to the +x -z World Border as well. He is also responsible for the 125K nether ring road project. He has dug 65,000,000 netherrack on 2b2t, being 6th ranked on the MEG leaderboards after Citadel.

Mu 2

In early 2021, illville was approached by jared2013, who wanted him to dig a 1x2 tunnel to unknown coordinates (at the time). illville accepted, originally expecting to be paid for the work (although he declined payment after he found out he dug to Mu 2), and set off. Jared approached illville because their mutual friend, Forceken, thought illvillle would be the best for the job. Once illville had dug the tunnel, Jared revealed that the tunnel led to Mu 2, the sequel to the megabase Mu. Jared then proceeded to grief Mu 2, causing members of the base like ThebesAndSound and Negative Entropy to become mad at him, and in Thebes' case, grilled illville about how he had learned about the base. illville claims that Jared never shared exact coordinates until the last moment and after he griefed it, nor did he explain to illville how he got the coordinates. Some members of the base, like IronException, remain on good terms with illville.