IamTUNA, known primarily as Tuna, is a well-known shitposter and chatfag who joined in 2012. He participated in bases such as Yiffington I, as well as The KKK, and was an affiliate of Fit, prior to YouTube fame, as well as SilverKrownKing and DemonElite119. He was active during the Third Incursion, and was made a member of nerds inc in late 2016 along with fr1kin. He has been inactive on 2b2t since Veteran Queue was removed in late 2017.

He's going to autism himself into an autism black hole, which will then collapse into an aspergers white dwarf
BasesYiffington I, TUNAbass, The KKK
GriefsSniper's Peaceful Island
Alternative AccountsNiggersShouldDie, MyHoneyBoney, TheNiggerOf2b2t, JewsArentPeople, PlapPlapPregnant, Ltunas
Pastnerds inc., DemonElite119, SilverKrownKing, Fit

Nowadays, IamTUNA spends their time on Constantiam shitposting for hours on end in the chat.