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I tri
StatusInactive - Late 2022
JoinedMay 13, 2020
BasesFort Hardware and Software, Corinth I, RAT, Spawn Train, Base Nostalgia Rebuild, Cum Zone, Cum Zone II, RAT 2, Transylvania, Ejaculation Station, Camp Spooky, The Autumn Drain, Uranos, HyperFate, Acropolis, FunBase, The Calculator, The Calculator 2, Lateott, 4k20k base, NFE 2020 Rebuild, Fort Joe, Sinkhole City, Adamantium, Whistler, DonFuer 21, Mediano, Canopy, The Homeland, The Crypt, Vega, Menegroth, Astralia, Halicarnassus, Gaza, Rat House, Okab, Nautilus, Poppy Town, New Lugdunum, Helheim 2, Hintertown 6, Dubrovnik
Alternative AccountsBritishPeopleBad, xXSEX_MONSTERXx
CurrentShortbus Caliphate, Astral Brotherhood,
PastNFPR,Crimson Star, ZERO, Adolf_Hitller's Private Army, Fate, and Guardsmen

I_tri is a builder who joined the server on May 13th of 2020 and has been a member of a variety of bases.


Early History

I_tri joined 2b2t as a result of quarantine after finding the about the server from youtube. He joined on May 13th 2020, and shortly thereafter joined the New Facepunch Republic through a link in global chat. He was invited to Fort Hardware and Software which was his home until it was greifed a week later. After the fall of Fort Hardware and Software he joined the NFPR-affiliated base group Corinth. After joining Corinth, he went exploring old base ruins. During his travels he came upon Spawn Train and a Base Nostalgia rebuild. When he found the Base Nostalgia Rebuild he met Y_a_t_a who introduced I_tri to some of his friends such as b0dait, Hurtmercury, and fierceben.

Crimson Star

After meeting Y_a_t_a and Hurtmercury, I_tri became an early member of Crimson Star, soon becoming an admin in the group. I_tri helped with the construction of Cum Zone and Cum Zone II, meeting bread_loafs in the process. With the advent of the 10th Incursion, I_tri duped materials using the Pyro dupe for it at the base. Crimson dissolved as a result of drama within the managment, largely over fierceben's inactivity. Following the dissolution of Crimson Star, I_tri founded the meme group WE_TRI, and also joined Fate and Shortbus Caliphate with most of the other former Crimson members.

SBC, Fate, and Guardsmen

After joining the Shortbus Caliphate, I_tri participated in a number of SBC and SBC-affiliated bases, such as The Calculator, The Calculator 2, and Gaza. He was also invited to other projects with many SBC members, such as The Autumn Drain and Camp Spooky. He also was invited to Halicarnassus, where he built his Desert Towers. Shortly after he was promoted in Fate which allowed him to go to Acropolis and Lateott, he was also invited by VillagerFilms to help out in the NFE 2020 rebuild. After the NFE rebuild concluded he was invited to the Guardsmen, with whom he participated in a number of bases, such as Adamantium, Whistler, Mediano, Canopy, The Homeland, The Crypt. He became a full member of the group after participating several months, and left the group with most of the other SBC members in October 2021.

Astral Brotherhood

In August of 2021 I_tri was invited by Joey_Coconut to the nascent Astral Brotherhood along with a variety of other players. I_tri co-founded the group's first base, Vega, with Joey_Coconut. I_tri became one of the most active members of the group, achieving the rank of Solarium and participating in many of the group's projects, such as Menegroth. He built at a variety of other bases with the group before going inactive in late 2022.