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"iGriefed this"
ITristan's skin.png
Approx. JoinedTue Apr 17 2012 19:01:48 GMT-0400
Alt. AccountsAES256_Encrypted, TechnoScootaloo, xHentai
CurrentNerds Inc

iTristan is a notorious player on 2b2t. He is best known for his extensive knowledge of Java, alongside being involved in two of the three 2b2t backdoors. He was similarly a notorious griefer, hacker and member of several large bases. iTristan is credited with being one of the smartest players to play on 2b2t. They are the only player who ever spawned in and placed barrier blocks. His stash was found, but duped barrier blocks are unusable and can only be stored in a zombies hand or in a minecart chest due to the "disable block" plugin.

Early days

iTristan's most recognized skin (created by Sato86)

iTristan joined in ~2012 sometime before the End was re-enabled. From the start they were a talented coder like his friend Pyrobyte.


His first time accessing a backdoor was when Hausemaster needed to patch the nether roof glitch. The plugin iTristan gave to Hause worked, however it also allowed iTristan and Pyrobyte to access the nether roof, meaning they could travel faster than everyone else. The second backdoor he created was to patch an infinite item exploit. Similarly, the plugin worked but also allowed the infinite item exploit to work when you give the item a certain name. As time went on he would develop other backdoors such as one that gave him a ghast egg and another to reach the world border, which iTristan reached in December 2013. He was a member of Valkyria, and decided to join Asgard II, so would Pyro, but they would run into issues as oremonger would go on to leak their coords. The members of this base would grief the base themselves and they would head out to spawn to start the third incursion. Pyro and Tristan used infinite XP bottles that they got using their previous backdoor to level everyone up so they could make loads of god gear. They used infinite obsidian to help build the wrath outpost. Pyro and Tristan would also abuse their Ghast eggs, sharing some of it with JackTheRippa during the incursion. When the incursion was finally over they would go on to join Imps. iTristan had built a small building in the base and had shown it to a group chat, however the picture had the Base coords in it so he swiftly deleted it. Jared2013 however saw this and was quick to screen cap it, he did not have any interest in destroying the base yet as he did not know that was Imps and it was extremely far away. Jared2013 and iTristan would later have a falling out, which prompted Jared to bring his supporters to the base. When they showed up and found nothing, they almost turned to leave, when a tower appeared in Jared's render distance. iTristan and other base mates offered him a tour and a invitation to the base like they had to Popbob however, Jared was not interested. The destruction of this base would eventually lead to the creation of Nerds inc.

Age of Nerds Inc.

Nerds inc aka The Tyranny Was founded by Tristan and Pyrobyte, the group had many names which was just a bunch of offensive shit, and Tristan did not wanna see this shit popping up on his screen every time he searched for this group so he changed it to Nerds inc and that just kinda stuck. This group consisted of Tristan, Pyro, popbob and jared who would later be called Tyranny by Sato86 on the Subreddit Who although had no proof of their connection. They would first strike the lands via using the bed tp glitch which allowed someone to turn their overworld coords into 8x nether coords in a matter of seconds. Jack soon realized that jared was coming so he quickly destroyed the last bed, But suddenly, Popbob showed up on one of his alt accounts and placed back the bed. Which allowed Jared to destroy the lands. Jared also used 32k's to kill everyone at the lands. Later GeorgeBush420's account data got leaked on the dark net, the group discovered this and abused the power. The account was either Hause's alt or a friend of his because this account had full unrestricted op privileges. They used this to get base coords, and data, and were able to see people's enderchest contents as well as make stashes which contained 32k's, stacked items, player/mob heads, enchanted glass, enchanted books, bedrock and void blocks. Tristan however made a mistake and accidentally leaked all of his stored coords to his github including his stashes, people also found the op'ed accounts leaked info on the dark net and the group came clean.


Today ITristan and many of the former Nerds Inc members would go on to join Constantiam but one time when Tristan logged on to sign a book in October of 2018, and he still occasionally has been seen playing. AlphaComputer and Kinorana would go on to dupe Tristan's illegals and sell them. Today all the stacked items either originated from Tristan's stash or the drop dupe. All 32ks, player heads, stacked glass and other illegals mentioned have also originated from Tristan's stash.

iTristan was seen on 2b2t and with some Nerds Inc associates on Constantiam. Popbob was also seen online. It is unknown if these accounts were bought, hacked, stolen or if they are back online.


  • He and Popbob fought against Kingoros in a 2v1 and still lost. iTristan was killed after failing to get out of a lake, while popbob logged out.