3rd Incursion

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Third Incursion
Duration1 month
Member Count30
Base of OriginAsgard II, Rebellion, Frontline FOB
Spawn BaseVolunteers Base, Wrath of Spawn
Groups InvolvedValkyria, Oremonger's group
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Incursion member travelling towards Spawn a day before the incursion officially started.

The III Incursion or Third Incursion occurred in May 2015. It started on the 28th of April, 2015, two years after the founding of Valkyria. This Incursion was also known for several exploits used, such as infinite blocks and mob spawning.

On April 28th, 2015, Sato86 announced the Third Incursion, an incursion made to vent the Valkyrians' anger about the leaking of Asgard II. A volunteer base was made near spawn around a stone brick and water build made by Bammerbeast. It consisted of castles made of duped items like emerald blocks. However, in the timespawn of April 30th to May 5th, Volunteer Base was destroyed and the members started to focus on making 7 spawn bases, each representing the 7 deadly sins. But one of the spawn bases, Wrath Outpost, looked so good that the entire incursion started focusing on that single base.

Thanks to 1.4.7 dupe stashes, all of the Asgardian received stacks of god apples while they forged their own equipment at FOB. Pyrobyte’s help in the construction of Wrath Outpost was absolutely vital. He alone made it possible for SIB to happen. My original plans for the base were much more humble and difficult. We also built monuments at spawn and rebuilt the core. We patrolled some spawn bases and killed players too, but a lot less than the previous one. The event also served as a place for people to work together. A opportunity for players to meet and collaborate, due everyone that decided to side with the incursion (with the exception of the KOS list) would be welcomed to work with us and help with any task. Great contributions from volunteers like Bammerbeast and Dorquemada surprised me a lot. To me, I feel that the Third Incursion was a giant “Fuck You” to all the few that hate this group and mocked the destruction of A2. It was a huge and unexpected show of force and determination from the members involved at the very deep core of the server. It was also an open invitation for our enemies to show their faces, which they did… Most of them were killed countless times. Some had to face the indignity to run for their safety and combat log.

The incursion used leftovers from previous dupes and infinite items to bring them the obsidian they need. A bedrock block was also placed in the middle of the outpost. A melon fort is also constructed by Kaorukun around May 6th to 8th. Around mid-May 2015, the outpost was completed. For the next few weeks, newfags and players who tried to stop the Third Incursion were killed. Even players such as Popbob were forced to combat log. By the end, the incursion was a humongous success. A few players such as Fit stayed at spawn for the next couple of weeks, but they eventually left.

The Third Incursion surpassed my expectations, concluding as a successful event and making possible Asgard II rest in peace in our hearts and move on to new challenges.
The third incursion was mainly motivated by anger and frustration. Asgard II was recently destroyed and most of the 30 members were caught by this feeling of hate. I knew that if I let this situation go unchecked, the members would scatter again like it happened at Belegost. So I called a new Incursion and took advantage of the Asgardian’s revolt and anger to fuel this new event. Before A2 was destroyed, calling a new incursion was something unthinkable to me, because of how senselessly violent the last one was. But If I had to call a new one to maintain the unity of our group, then I decided to organize it the best I could. I projected the Third Incursion to be an event less violent than the third and more creative and open to everyone. And it worked beautifully.

"Kill On Sight" List

Here is the list of players who were traitors for Incursion[1]:

Third Incursion Banner
  • Aaronics
  • OreMonger
  • AFKMonger (OreMonger alt)
  • VoiceOfReason (Oremonger alt)
  • BigotryIsBad (Oremonger alt)
  • pokeball99_1
  • Drewbookman
  • revilo268 (drewbookman alt)
  • Jared2013
  • jared2015
  • MuchJaredVeryWow
  • Ourworldalpha1
  • Vam
  • Ribbonkid
  • thesmoosh
  • oldlamehand
  • masakenta
  • DrEnderPickles (Bezopasan)
  • pyi
  • Dic
  • Girtacos9