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CurrentArmorsmith's Followers, Highland
PastAnti-Incursion, Peacekeepers, Infrared, Alpha Alliance

IHackedWalmart was a well-known Crystal PvPer from the late 2016 - early 2018 era, and a prominent community leader. He was a Co-Leader or Leader of several groups such as Armorsmith's Followers, the Peacekeepers, Infrared, Highland, Alpha Alliance and others. IHackedWalmart was also known as one of the founders and leaders of the modern Anti Incursion movements.


IHackedWalmart joined 2b2t in 2016. He later joined the Peacekeepers, which was founded by PandaSauceYT, and quickly became one of its highest ranking members. As a member of the Peacekeepers, IHackedWalmart would help popularize Crystal PvP, while also participating in large battles, gaining a reputation as a dangerous PvPer and earning enemies from groups like the SpawnMasons and the Emperium. IHackedWalmart later became the last leader of the Peacekeepers before its disbandment in 2018.

Thanks to his membership in several groups, IHackedWalmart played a key role in the formation of the Alpha Alliance which competed against the UGE.

As a member of Armorsmith's Followers, IHackedWalmart was trusted by Armorsmith to be a member of several projects by the group. He was instructed by Armorsmith to lead the main Anti-Incursion movement against the 6th Incursion. Walmart was the most notable activist against the 6th Incursion, and was present at 0,0 whenever he could, to help new players who joined from AntVenom while also fighting and killing Incursioneers. IHackedWalmart participated in the Battle of Spawn in which he had to fight the entire Incursion almost by himself (and he obviously lost). IHackedWalmart attacked the Great Spawn Wall with members from Armorsmith's Followers and triggered the Battle of the Northen Wall, which was concluded in the spawning of Withers around the wall that destroyed its original purpose of keeping new players within the inner Spawn.

IHackedWalmart continued to be a prominent leader in the Anti Incursion movement against the 7th Incursion. He is mostly inactive as of 2021.

IHackedWalmart at an Incursion Outpost.
IHackedWalmart at an Incursion Outpost.


IHackedWalmart Attacks the 6th Incursion Spawn Wall