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JoinedMid 2020
BasesCum Zone I, Cum Zone II, The Autumn Drain, Adamantium, Mediano, Block Game Jerusalem, Halicarnassus, NFE 2020, Base Nostalgia 2020, The Calculator 2, DonFuer 20, DonFuer 21, Poppy Town, DonFuer 25, SteamFuer, Don Maximus, many Spawnfuer and DonFuer bases.
Alternative AccountsiAmZeiss, iAmKnotZeiss, 2B2T_DonFuer
CurrentDonFuer, Guardsmen
PastCrimson Star, Fate, Shortbus Caliphate

iAmZeiss or Zeiss is a builder and a former Elder of DonFuer.


Early History

Zeiss joined 2b2t in mid 2020 after he found SalC1 on YouTube and started to watch his videos. After he joined, he played 2b2t by himself for a month before joining Crimson Star in late September of 2020.

Crimson Star and SBC

After joining Crimson, Zeiss participated in several of the group's bases, including Cum Zone I, Cum Zone II, and Base Nostalgia 2020, as well as The Autumn Drain. When Crimson Ended, many of the active members of the group moved on to the Shortbus Caliphate and participated in bases including The Calculator 2 and Gaza. Zeiss also joined these bases, but founded his own short-lived group, Fate, as well. Zeiss also participated in the NFE 2020 rebuild party, Adamantium, and Halicarnassus. After Halicarnassus went inactive, he moved the majority of its stash to Deep Water Horizon without consulting most of the other base members.

Donfuer and Guardsmen

Zeiss joined DonFuer in early 2020, and built at DonFuer 20. He also merged Fate into the DonFuer Spawn Rangers after joining DonFuer in order to focus more on building. After the fall of DonFuer 20, Zeiss offered Deepwater Horizon as the new site for DonFuer 21. Zeiss built at DonFuer 21 until it was griefed in June of 2021. In April 2021 he was leaked the coordinates of Block Game Jerusalem through DonFuer, and went to the base on an alt uninvited and built there briefly. He He was eventually elected to lead the DonFuer Spawn Rangers as well as to become an Elder in DonFuer. He became a full member in Guardsmen in late 2021 after participating with the group almost a year, and building at such bases as Adamantium and Mediano.


Zeiss has stepped away from being active on 2b2t. He still builds occasionally at bases he is invited to, but is not as active as he once was.