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BasesCum Zone, Cum Zone II, Hintertown, Adamantium, Whistler, Mediano, Canopy, Mithril, The Crypt, Uranos, Rat House, Vega, Poppy Town, Sky Masons
TypeBuilder, Group leader
CurrentAstral Brotherhood, Shortbus Caliphate
PastCrimson Star, Fate, Guardsmen, 0Neb Appreciation Group

Hurtmercury is a builder, former Guardsmen member, and a member of the Astral Brotherhood.


Hurtmercury joined 2b2t in early 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic. He initially built arenas for Fight Club, before forming Crimson Star with B0dait, fierceben, and y_a_t_a. With Crimson Star he built at Cum Zone and Cum Zone II before the group dissolved and merged into Shortbus Caliphate. Hurtmercury was made a Caliph in SBC and helped to lead it through his entry into the Guardsmen. Hurtmercury attended the majority of Guardsmen bases (such as Adamantium and Mediano) before becoming a full member and then becoming a Distinguished-ranked member and helping to lead there as well. He stepped down following major disagreements in the group, and subsequently took a break from 2b2t. After returning to 2b2t, he built with the Astral Brotherhood at such bases as Vega and Poppy Town.