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Approx. join dateJune 2016


PastArmorsmith's Followers, The Vortex Coalition, kekkekkek1, Coltsnid, Flip3570, Stlavs, thesheergenius, TheColdOneJC, NickHasCancer, Hermeticlock, Rula_, xvideosman, Steve3

househousehouse1 (also known as househouse1, house1, or hhh1) was a notable newfag and player throughout his time on 2b2t, though quit due to arguments.


House built an extremely high-quality dirt hut near spawn which was toured by Fit on March 31st, 2017, here. (Please be aware this dirt hut is magnificent and might blind some viewers, discretion is advised)

Using the AAC BoatFly exploit, hhh1 was the first player to travel to the -+ (SouthWest) quadrant world corner. He quit the server due to arguments in July 2018 logged out at the world corner. He was involved in both Armorsmith’s Followers and the Vortex Coalition. House is also known for the creation of the 400 400 nether bedrock hole, as well as larger holes at DonFuer 10 and the World Famous Spawn Base.