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"FamilyGourd6" -Literally everyone there
Hopen July 23rd.png
Hopen Desert Town & mattvtd's Temple
StartedMarch 8th 2020
DJDJ_, FamilyPumpkin6, _gigo, wakwak90, DarkXL6, Zaanga, mattvtd, traisky, Joey_Coconut, macca_2508, MinisterBismarck, bob5768, H_MAN_25
X -557863 Z -2712186
Approx. GriefedAugust 7th 2020
GriefersThe base residents after 0x22's minimal grief
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Hopen was a large group base established on March 8, 2020, by DJDJ_, FamilyPumpkin6, wakwak90, and DarkXL6, shortly after the fall of X-topia.


Once DJDJ_ had chosen the spot for the base and the other members arrived, mattvtd, traisky, and _gigo were invited to the base as well and construction began. The first area to be built was the Desert town, with FamilyPumpkin6 building the stash Pyramid, and traisky making his temple. traisky would quit 2b2t shortly after this, making this his last base. mattvtd also made his SunFall Temple and _gigo would make his Sphinx and his gigantic Town Hall. Around this time, Zaanga was invited to the base and would begin construction on the Acaica Town, with a large cathedral in the center. Throughout the base's lifespan, the players MinisterBismarck, Joey_Coconut, SurvivalGamerQC, bob5768, macca_2508, StneCldKilla, and H_MAN_25 would be invited, totaling at 14 members at the bases prime (Note: StneCldKilla never arrived). SurvivalGamerQC would build his tower behind the Desert Town, bob5768 would build Luminis City behind the Town Hall, and macca_2508 would start his mushroom island build, which was never finished. Some of the best structures at the base were the main Desert Town area, Hopen Town Hall, The Acaica Cathedral, The Louvre, and the Farlands. In a couple locations, the base had floating water made by _gigo.


Unfortunately, on August 7th, 2020, FamilyPumpkin6 logged in to find part of the dupe stash griefed. The base members acted quickly and evacuated the remaining dupe stash, historical items from the Louvre, and other things from the base and self griefed. It was later confirmed that 0x22 found the base although it is not known how.