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— Base members in joking reference to FamilyPumpkin6
Hopen's Desert Town & SunFall Temple
Inhabitants_gigo, bob5768, DarkXL6, DJDJ_, FamilyPumpkin6, H_MAN_25, Joey_Coconut, macca_2508, mattvtd, MinisterBismarck, traisky, wakwak90, Zaanga
LocationX:-557863 Z:-2712186
StartedMarch 8, 2020
GriefedAugust 7, 2020
Griefers0x22 to the base stash and a few other builds, then the base members
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Hopen was a large group base established on March 8, 2020, by DarkXL6, DJDJ_, FamilyPumpkin6, and wakwak90, built by many members of X-Topia as a result of its grief in February 2020. Hopen totaled 14 players during its peak. The base was found using Nocom and minorly griefed in August 2020, resulting in its self-grief.



Main: X-topia § Leak and grief
Several Hopen members present at X-Topia, Christmas Day 2019

Hopen was founded and consisted mostly of builders from the early 2019 base X-Topia, founded by DarkXL6. The base was leaked using a coordinate exploit and griefed on February 28, 2020. This event is what resulted in the founding of Hopen on March 8, 2020.[1]

Beginning and construction

Members duping and moving stashes to the base

After DJDJ_ chose the spot for the base and the other original members arrived, mattvtd, traisky, and _gigo were invited to the base as well, and construction began. The base was built with a "district" system in mind, grouping builds of similar styles into close proximity with each other. The first area built was FamilyPumpkin6's Desert Town, where he built the stash pyramid. A Residential Town was built for members' houses. traisky built a temple and quit the server shortly thereafter, Hopen being his last base. mattvtd built his SunFall Temple and _gigo built a large town hall. Around this time, Zaanga was invited to the base, and he constructed his Acacia Town. Throughout the base's lifespan, MinisterBismarck, Joey_Coconut, SurvivalGamerQC, bob5768, macca_2508, StneCldKilla – who never arrived – and H_MAN_25 were also invited, with the base totaling 14 members at its peak. SurvivalGamerQC built his tower behind the Desert Town, bob5768 built Luminis City behind the town hall, Joey_Coconut built his extensive cave system and brick town, and macca_2508 started his Smurf-themed mushroom island, which was never completed. FamilyPumpkin6's Louvre Museum and _gigo's Farlands were some of the most prominent builds at the base.[1] In several locations, the base had "floating water" made by _gigo, which utilized Block 36.

IronException and l_amp both found the base using the PetTP coordinate exploit at one point, although they did not leak or grief it.


On August 7, 2020,[1] FamilyPumpkin6 logged in to find part of the dupe stash griefed, a minimal grief overall. The base members acted quickly to evacuate the remaining dupe stash and collectible items kept in the Louvre, and self-griefed. It was confirmed shortly thereafter that 0x22 had found the base, and confirmed in July 2021 to be via the Nocom exploit.

Following the grief of Hopen, Joey_Coconut invited the majority of the base's inhabitants to Block Game Jerusalem.

Builds and architecture

All the builds at Hopen were original, according to FamilyPumpkin6, with no usage of schematics involved. The base center followed a theme of being divided into separate towns: the Desert, Residential, Big, and Acacia towns. The Desert Town built by FamilyPumpkin6 was the main hub of the base and the first build at Hopen. It also included a stash pyramid. The Residential Town was where all the base members built their houses, in addition to a large town hall built by _gigo, which was based on a building in Australia. Its town hall was one of the more notable builds of the base. Big Town was another area dedicated to making large builds of Minecraft blocks on a 16:1 scale. A well was built by DJDJ_ and an incomplete huge mushroom was built by FamilyPumpkin6, and other builds were planned. The base also included Zaanga's Acacia Town (also called Savannah Town) and bob5768's Luminis City. Other towns were planned to be built as well.[1]

FamilyPumpkin6's Louvre

One of the most prominent builds at Hopen was FamilyPumpkin6's Louvre, described as possibly the largest museum on 2b2t at 116×116 blocks at its base. The build is based on the Louvre Pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris. _gigo, DJDJ_, and Zaanga also helped in the Louvre's construction. _gigo designed a redstone machine to destroy water source blocks for the museum's underwater portion. The Louvre was used to display kits, named items, heads, books, and other collectible items.[1]

Many other individual builds were constructed. wakwak90 built a large wrestling statue and planned to construct a building encasing it, as well as more statues. He had previously started to build the same statue at X-topia but never finished it. DarkXL6 worked on a quartz mansion, though only the facade was completed. macca_2508 began work on a Smurf-themed mushroom island but was not able to finish it. mattvtd built his SunFall Temple to the Sun God. In addition to his town hall, _gigo built a large dome-ceilinged building that housed "The Artifact", as well as a "Mass Effect" statue which included "floating water" utilizing Block 36. He also built a large Farlands build taking two weeks to a construct, a replica of what it would look like on 2b2t's seed. Some of his smaller builds include his Nether hub design, a statue of Anubis, and a villager sphinx.[1]



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