Holy League

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The Holy League

Holy League
Logo of the Holy League
FoundedJune 2016
DisbandmentMarch 2017


Bases~10 (Oasis Town, Constantinople)

The Holy League was a group with the intention to create an organized community on 2b. The group centered around Christianity but was not taken to a serious degree. The group started during the early days of the Rusher War, however, never really got involved in the conflict.


The Holy League was started in June 2016 by LiO and AndyCapped. Unlike many of the other groups at the time, the League did not participate in the Rusher War and instead kept to itself. While on the highway, LiO and Andy hired their first recruits. Eventually, they settled down and built their first base, Oasis Town. As the War raged on the group slowly accumulated members and built bases. Many of these bases were near the highways, and were later abandoned. The group also griefed two map arts, one made by doctrzombie and the other by AlphaComputer.

The group recruited keen newfags on Reddit in January 2017, that included Redstoner and a handful of others. They would be sent to the groups spawn base / recruit base around 100k from spawn before being then sent to constantinople. Other players such as Sniper231996 tried to join but were dismissed because of "religion".

Eventually, the group went inactive in March 2017. The first "conflict" the group had was when LiO insulted Tim_mcnukepants of the 4th Reich, a week later. In retaliation, Tim, along with eenmom (0x22), Vel, and BibleBot blew up the League's incomplete, spawn community base, Constantinople. This was as far as the conflict went, and the group went on to dupe for a while before going completely inactive.


  • The group had mostly negative relations with other groups but no conflict ever arose other than the incident with the Reich.

Notable Members

  • LiO (Founder)
  • AndyCapped (Founder) (First Pope)
  • Mavidwaer (Second Pope)
  • Aaron
  • Pizzaman
  • Redstoner
Holy League Banner

Several other members

Constantinople: The Holy league's final base from March 2017. This image was recovered by the last remaining member on the server (Redstoner) and is the only trace of the base.