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HolyBruhBrine is a 2b2t player that joined in 2016 post-rusher, and is notable for being a high ranking member of VoCo, Emperium, and the former Singularity leader.


JoinedJune 1st, 2016
CurrentVortex Coalition, Emperium, Singularity

HolyBruhBrine joined 2b2t on June 1st, 2016, after viewing a CampingRusher video that had been recommended to him on YouTube. He had never heard of 2b2t or TCR beforehand, and joined the server soon after. Despite extreme lag, HolyBruhBrine was able to escape and get basic gear. On the X+ highway about 3k out, he harvested oak trees for apples and replanted them. He kept replanting and eventually created the Orchard of Peace to honor someone that he knew in real life that had passed away.

Vortex Coalition

After a month, HolyBruhBrine left the Orchard and continued on his journey. He explored the server, and soon became active on the reddit, where he met inv41idu53rn4m3. He told HolyBruhBrine about a group that had formed before TCR joined, but was just starting to rise in prominence on the server; The Vortex Coalition. HolyBruhBrine realized that before Rusher's video the Vortex Coalition had been a troll to piss off Sato and other 3rd Incursion members, but he saw its potential as Coltsnid began to recruiting new members.

Coltsnid and Oreo saw how hardworking and loyal he was to the coalition, and HolyBruhBrine quickly rose up the ranks. Within a few weeks he had become one of the highest ranking members in the Coalition.

By November 2016 he had become an important member in the Coalition, largely due to his campaign of recruitment. Through reaching out to players personally, and creating recruitment sanctuaries at spawn, he had recruited over 40 members into the Vortex Coalition; at the time this made up about 10% of the members. He put in hundred hours for VoCo, led the Wrath of VoCo project at 420 911, and gained influence in the group as a result.

In January 2017, HolyBruhBrine was elected as VoCo Prime Minister. He had become known outside of VoCo due to his recruiting around spawn.

Soon after being elected, many prominent VoCo members quit and internally a VoCo civil war began. Coltsnid declared himself a God and began requiring that all members become his disciples. VoCo leaders started to get messages from Coltsnid that were harsh and overly critical. Coltsnid banned many members who were opposed to how the current VoCo was being managed. These bans ended with many of VoCo’s bases being leaked and even more people upset with Coltsnid.

VoCo Life Raft

HolyBruhBrine would create a discord called the VoCo Life Raft, which severed as a refuge for members who were banned from the main VoCo discord, and helped preserve the culture and contact information of the Vortex Coalition community. Over two thirds of VoCo members joined, and he was able to dispel much of the confusion by sharing all the information he had, and showing that he was prepared to rebuild VoCo. It was at this point that executive member Sengorn_Leopard, sick of Coltsnid’s unpredictability, banned every single member from the original Vortex Coalition discord.


HolyBruhBrine decided to move on and create a new group, called Singularity, that would attempt to preserve the of VoCo identity without its instability. The group created their own bases and continued the culture of Phase II VoCo. About a month after they formed, HolyBruhBrine met TheDark_Emperor through a mutual friend. He was the leader of new group called Emperium. The members hit it off and the groups quickly became close allies, working together on many projects and bases for a few months.

In May of 2017, Salamander, one of HolyBruhBrine's closest friends during Phase II of VoCo, messaged him giving him a invitation to drop everything and return to the Vortex Coalition, which was still in existence, albeit underground and with only 5 members. He declined this offer; he both had a good thing going with Singularity and did not want to work under Coltsnid after the January incident. Salamander was disappointed but understood, and HolyBruhBrine passed on the information of VoCo’s return to the Emperium members.

When VoCo returned in June 2017, their leadership made HolyBruhBrine's group Singularity the scapegoat for VoCo’s failure in January, and became very hostile towards their members. TheDark_Emperor and HolyBruhBrine decided to fight back by insiding VoCo. A few days in, HolyBruhBrine recalled his members from trying to inside VoCo, and all seemed to be going well.

HolyBruhBrine received a discord message on July 10th 2017 on the account he personally using to inside VoCo, alerting him to a potential leak in his new group.

Singularity had a traitor who told Salamander about every alternate account name that had been insiding, and he subsequently left to join VoCo. After dming Salamander on discord, HolyBruhBrine learned who the leaker had been.


Salamander threatened to dox HolyBruhBrine, a threat that caused him to take a break from the server for the next five months, finding that his quality of life improved as a result.

November of 2017, HolyBruhBrine received a message from 2 of his old friends from Singularity, furleoxnop and Ericudo, who asked him if he wanted to join their base on a secret alternate account. He joined the base Empire’s Edge, and built there for a few months.

2 months later, in January 2018, HolyBruhBrine got a message from CyanLime, a executive, founding member of VoCo :

hey im gonna try and sort the dox situation for you, i've only just recently found out about the whole thing and im disgusted tbh.
- CyanLime

HolyBruhBrine took him up this, and received an apology from every member of the VoCo staff team that had any knowledge of the doxing events. When Coltsnid found out what had happened, Salamander and Oreo got 'fired' a few months later.

After joining back in VoCo, HolyBruhBrine became a official member of Emperium.

Having strong ties to members of both the Emperium and VoCo, HolyBruhBrine was appalled to hear of the mutually destructive Voperium war, which he felt at fault. After being allowed back into VoCo, he immediately jumped into action, contacting Coltsnid and TheDark_Emperor, convincing them both to end the war. These two groups, who previously hated each other, would now work together, and the Voperium alliance became one of the strongest alliances in 2b2t.

He became inactive for a time following this, but came back around July 2018, gaining rank in both the Emperium and VoCo discord as a showing of the bond that had been formed.

He is currently inactive on 2b2t.


Vortex Coalition - high-ranking member

Emperium - high-ranking member

Singularity - former leader

2b2t Wiki - former Bureaucrat (2017 -2019)