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InhabitantsColdwave, Zach3397, Hinderjd, KnightVista, Joezep5, Ginger23, Dorquemada, LostMyGun, Otto, Devon54321, Sveargieth, MissChihiro[1]
LocationX:16975 Z:50300
World download
LinkNot Available

Hitlerwood was a base created by the late Facepunchers Coldwave and Zach3397 in early 2013. The base served as one of the last Facepunch bases of the old Facepunch age, and the last base of the New Facepunch Republic, a group made by Coldwave and Zach. It was abandoned in late April 2013 when its members merged with the Black Flag Group from Anatolia to establish the base and group, Valkyria.


New Facepunch Republic

The New Facepunch Republic began as an idea in late 2012 when Coldwave and zach3397, who were a part of the original Republic during its waning days, were living alone at their 15k, 15k base. They agreed on the idea, and after leaving a memorial to the old Republic at their base, they traveled to 2k2k to gather members. zach created a post on the Facepunch thread calling for anyone who can help with the Republic, a risky but crucial move. The duo gathered many players at 2k2k such as hinderjd, Dorquemada, Lostmygun, Sveargieth, and Devon54321. KnightVista, Otto, and Misschihiro also joined at an unknown time.[1]

A party of six players ultimately ended up leaving 2k2k to scout a place to settle as the Republic's first base. Their first base was a simple staircase to bedrock with a foyer containing a hall of rooms with everything they needed to survive. They called the base Fort Cosby Doop Dop Jello Pudding, or Fort Cosby for short. Eventually, however, a visitor leaked the base to x0XP, who ransacked it, killing a few members and griefing the base.[1]

Following the grief of Fort Cosby, the group set out further for a second base. The base was secretly leaked by Parthicus to x0XP, who griefed their base once more. The group temporarily fell apart as they did not know who to trust. They held together though, as they soon found out it was Parthicus, who was kicked.[1]


It was one week after the grief of their second base when Coldwave called the members to regroup at a village far out from Spawn. The village was used as the grounds for what would become Hitlerwood. The base served as the main base of the group, housing its remaining trustworthy players, including Coldwave, Zach, hinderjd, and KnightVista. The main symbol they used was the swastika, which was a symbol commonly used on 2b2t at the time.

While the base was thriving for a while, the players eventually became less active, though eventually a temporary map was set up in late April 2013. There, the members of Hitlerwood and the Black Flag Group based together, and they decided to abandon Hitlerwood for a new base called Valkyria.[1]


New Facepunch Republic