Hitlerville, also known as BradPittville, was a base possibly built and owned by georgebush420 (an alternative account or a friend of Hausemaster with admin perms) at an uncertain date. Two other players also inhabited the base: "Baj" and "Noodle". The base was discovered by GreyGraySage in 2016. The owner georgebush420 seemed friendly, but when GreyGraySage came back after logging out at the base, it wasn't there.

"Why are there boats everywhere?" - SalC1
Inhabitantsgeorgebush420, "Baj", "Noodle"
LocationX:21262 Z:34160 (first location)
X:-748538 Z:483430 (second location)
LeakerGreyGraySage (first location)
ChromeCrusher (second location)
GriefedNovember 4, 2019
GriefersChromeCrusher, AlphaComputer
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On the 31st July 2016, the base was seemingly found by a second player, who gave the coordinates to ILoveShemales, a player who had helped them a few days prior. ILoveShemales and HeyItsAze then visited and pilfered a few items from the base, and left, to come back a few hours later to find that the landscape had been totally regenerated,[1][2] probably using WorldEdit.

The proof for this event was quite poor, with only a few screenshots taken by GreyGraySage as evidence.[3] In 2019, it was found out that the base had been moved to another location, and the new Hitlerville was griefed by ChromeCrusher and AlphaComputer.[4] ChromeCrusher let SalC1 explore the base before griefing it, and he made a video of his exploration.[5] SalC1 had proved that the base had been moved using WorldEdit, as opposed to just being rebuilt, since the bedrock patterns were the same under both the earlier, removed site, and the new one.


The base featured a numerous amount of swastikas built out of unusual materials, odd redstone contraptions, and forts. There were also many boats spread around the 2nd form of the base.