Helheim 2

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Helheim 2
Inhabitantscpybara, crzychris, D_loaded, Durkaaqt, Enchoseon, HURTLOCKERBECK, Hinterhof, I_tri, Jersker, Joetheblue, Joey_Coconut, Maker02, mootvey, OffsetPanda701, r22r, Ranlen, smcz19, SuperMikey9000, White_Wolfy_, YoMoBoYo, xrayessay, zbarnard01
Location(-350900, -282000)
StartedApril 17, 2022
AbandonedMay 16, 2022
GriefedJune 25, 2022
GriefersFifth Column (Bezopasan, maksitaxi, Odpay)
World download
LinkNot Available

Helheim 2 was an Astral Brotherhood base in early to mid 2022 that also was built alongside Hintertown 6.


Helheim 2

Helheim 2 was founded by HURTLOCKERBECK, mootvey, and cpybara on April 17, 2022 following the abandonment of Helheim. They invited the majority of the other Meteorites to the location and began building quickly. Progress was accelerated by many new Astral recruits at the base, in addition to a small stash donated by MAC_TONIGHT_.

A building competition was held at the base on May 5th, 2022, which was won by xrayessay, with Ranlen and YoMoBoYo coming in second and third places, respectively. Afterward, cpybara started a project to build a large tree and drastically expand the base, but the base's stash was stolen on May 16th, 2022.

The members decided to abandon the base after, with many the members going to Lidenbrock, while the rest went to Neritum. The base sat for a month before being griefed by Bezopasan, maksitaxi, and Odpay on June 25, 2022.

Hintertown 6

When Helheim 2 was first founded, a number of the members were unsatisfied with the terrain, and founded a new base nearby on the same day. They called the base Hintertown 6, which was the 6th installment of Hinterhof's Hintertown base series. It was mainly constructed by Hinterhof, I_tri, and cpybara. The base was abandoned on May 4th, 2022 after Hinterhof decided to leave and start a new base. Hintertown 6 was self-griefed by Enchoseon on June 25, 2022.