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The X+ Highway in early 2016
Map of the Nether Highway System at Feb.13, 2021, created by CorruptedSeal. Purple: Completed Obsidian Highway, Orange: Ready for Paving, Green: (3x3)/(6x4) Netherrack Tunnel
-X Highway 1 Million Monument

Highways are the primary infrastructure on 2b2t. Highways have been in use since the earliest days of the server, however, the Nether highways only became the primary travel method after the Nether Roof was patched in 2013.

Overworld Highways

xcc2's 43z Highway

One of the oldest highways in the Spawn region. It was started by xcc2 in 2011 and maintained until the Second Incursion in 2013. It was well known for the netherrack pillars alongside the highway that provided light.

berkbrein and b4uit's -1mil X Highway

0, 120, 0, where all the axis highways begin.

Created by berkbrein and b4uit. Started around -1,000,000 on the X axis, and intended to expand all the way to -1,000,000 on the Z axis. Stretches about ~100,000 blocks.

Melon Road

The Melon Road, also called the Melon Highway, was a small path that ran along the -X axis for roughly 12,500 blocks. The highway was unique in that it was made entirely out of melon stalks planted on a 2x2 path of farmland, with dirt blocks on either side for melons to grow on. It started roughly at X: -47 Y: 72 Z: -2,628 and exited off the -Z Axis Highway.

Originally, it encircled spawn in a square loop about 2000 blocks from 0,0, and was constructed in late 2015 and early 2016 by the Melon Disciples, starting at a spot next to 2k2k. For a long time it served as the easiest way for players at spawn to obtain food and it saved many from starvation. However, almost immediately after the Rusher Invasion began (and TheCampingRusher using a part of the melon highway east of 0,0 to obtain food), the melon highway was dismantled by Veterans in order to cut off the Rushers' food supply. Today, parts of the original melon highway are periodically replanted and removed by players.


The 1533 Highway, also known as the Starving Road, 1534 Highway, or Starved Road is a West (-X) Highway beginning at roughly -1,800 X and 1533 Z, continuing along 1533 Z. The highway is 2 blocks wide until it goes to 1 block wide at around -40,000 X. It was expanded on from an early hut griefed in 2016 very close to spawn. As of August 2020, the highway is being maintained and expanded by the 1533 Highway Gang and Maintenance, and reaches to about -110,000 X, with a segment at around -250,000 spanning for 5,000 blocks. It is currently one of, if not the, longest overworld highways.


At the original end of the highway (-50,000 X), the original highway maintenance individuals and travelers claim that a build griefed in 2016 (a small house at around -1000 X) made a small path resembling a dirt road due to it extending slightly beyond the ruins. The path would be expanded on in later years, mainly in 2018 and 2019. The 1533 Highway starts at -1,800 X (due to a grief in the earlier path) and goes one block wide before consistently maintaining a 2 block wide status. Due to a construction accident as well as unknown shifts, some large parts of the road shift to as far as 1519 Z in early portions of the road, especially between 20-30 thousand. It goes back to 1 block at around -40,000 X. The highway receives heavy traffic from newfags (especially in 2019/2020) and is generally unknown to the 2b2t community. Since the 1533 Highway originally started at -1,000 X and was assumed to be accidentally griefed within various spawn grief, large and small remains of the highway leading up to -1,800 are very visible. The highway crosses threw multiple known and unknown Western, Southern and Northern Highways, including the Old Spawn Road (~-13,000), Flower Trail (~-9,000), and the 32k Alpha Bridge (name from signs, at -32,000).

Flower Trail

A path covered in flowers stretching over 12,000 blocks in the vicinity of Spawn. Reviewed by YouTuber BarrenDome in 2019. It is unknown who created the trail.[1]

The Flower Trail


The trail is a two-block-wide grass path with a row of oak leaves on either side. Along the majority of the trail, the grass blocks are covered with dandelions and poppies. A small section of the trail has a mix of different flowers including peonies, rose bushes, sunflowers, azure bluets, orange tulips, white tulips, red tulips, and oxeye daisies. The trail does not have a specific Y coordinate, as it follows the elevation of the terrain, although there are a few tunnels through mountains.

At around 2,000 blocks from the end of the trail, the oak leaves on the side of the trail disappear. As the trail crosses an ocean, the quality of the trail drops. The path has been severely griefed; many dirt blocks are missing. As the trail crosses back onto land, the flowers disappear almost completely from the trail.


It is unknown how old the trail is or who built it. The oldest sign on the trail is from "TheCOldoNeJC" who claims to have written it in 2017, although this may be false as there are no other signs from this year. Most of the signs are from mid-2018.

YouTuber BarrenDome came across this trail in early 2019 while playing 2b2t. He decided to make a video on it. On January 20, 2019, he uploaded a video called 2b2t - Flower Trail in which he toured the trail on a world download.

Old Spawn Road

Main article: Old Spawn Road

The Old Spawn Road, also known as the Non-Axis road or the West Road, is a road that does not run on any axis and stretches for ~27,000 blocks. It is one of the oldest roads on the server and is unique in the fact that it does not stay in a straight path and it twists and turns. The road, along with most other highways, access roads, and roads, was made and restored by several players. It was also one of, if not the, longest non-axis road on the server at one point. It now dwarfs in comparison to most non-axis and axis highways.


The old spawn road was built by a player named LegitYarik - his (now dead) post on Minecraft forums - in 2013/14 as he needed a way back to his base as an alternative to coordinates, which he disliked as "they ruined the immersion". The road passes through the now ruined Castle Hatehart, which was also created by LegitYarik, and the present-day 1533 Highway. A repair group was founded, dubbed "The Fellowship of the Road," however this is not confirmed by LegitYarik or other players. The road also passes near the relatively intact 2014 base "UMONFORD" with signs dating back to that year. The Old Spawn Road also passes by near an End Portal.


The road was completely griefed by Armorsmith at the beginning of 2018. Armorsmith himself would later build his wrath at the beginning of the road, located at -3500 300. Demolition to the Wrath was throughout (and by) the Sixth Incursion. After Armorsmith griefed the road, multiple restoration projects gave been done, and these days the road is now somewhat intact thanks to the efforts of multiple players restoring it. BestConNA connected the road to an old terminal, which was blown up, both the griefer and the path extender being Armorsmith's friends. The tower nearby the Old Spawn Road at Castle Hatehart (pictured above) was also restored in a recent restoration attempt. As part of the restoration, blocks were added, that weren't nessceraly cobblestone. In addition, several detours were made to avoid the Withers which were spawned on the way. The Old Spawn Road still serves as a high traffic location and many players built sanctuaries and bases near it.

Ring Road

A ring of obsidian around spawn with a radius of 1,024. The ring is at y 255. Another one at y 64 was started but got never finished. #The ring was first started at y 240 but got abandoned before switching to y 255. Inside the circle used to be the spawn area [2]. The respawn area was later extended to 2,048 blocks around 0 0 [3]. Created by IronException.

Axial Highways

The overworld axial highways, created by various players over the years. In 2014, Hausemaster placed 4x4 obsidian paths along every axis, stretching out to 1,000. These paths were harvested for obsidian by taylo112 and jared2013 to create Gold Farms.

Raised Stone Slab Spawn Roads

Created by ChadDX from 2012-2014. They were placed at 400 block intervals in a grid pattern centering on The Spire, although they have fallen out of use in the present day as a result of, at first, rampant lavacasting, and after October 2020, the Water Cube. .

Nether Highways

The Nether Highways are a series of highways on 2b2t running from (0,0) Nether. The highways have a distinct design and a not entirely documented history. Maintenance of the highways is done by various groups as well, and are considered the most prominent source of travel on the server.

Axial Highways

The Highway System is made up of 4 main highways connected to 0,0 nether, as well as the diagonal highways. They include:

The Highways usually are 6 blocks wide with guardrails on each side in the early stages. As they branch off, however, they become shorter, into 4 block wide highways. Diagonals are 3 blocks wide usually all-around, although some are unorthodox in how they use mass amounts of obsidian near spawn to protect them from griefing.

Diagonal Highways

The diagonal highways extend from 0,0 in each of the four diagonal directions (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest) to the Overworld world borders. Diagonal highways are 5.3 million blocks or 5,303 kilometers long.

-X -Z

MEG reached the -X, -Z world border on the 26th of May, 2020.

This was the server's and group's first completed diagonal highway, which was dug from spawn to the -X, -Z world border. This dig was completed by Citadel2222, illville502, VeryVon, DantezWrath, KevinKC2014, and harritaco.


  • -10M, -10M reached on 8th of January, 2020.
  • -20M, -20M reached on 12th of April, 2020.
  • -30M, -30M reached on 26th of May, 2020.

+X +Z

This was the server's second completed diagonal highway, which was dug from spawn to the +X, +Z world border. This dig was completed by KevinKC2014, Jonanen, harritaco, Paragon, and 5K5K.


  • -10M, -10M reached on 9th of July, 2020.
  • -20M, -20M reached on 13th of August, 2020.
  • -30M, -30M reached on 4th of September, 2020.

+X, -Z

This was the server's third completed highway, which was dug from spawn to the +X, -Z world border. This dig was completed by illville502, Citadel2222, and tycrek.


  • 10M, -10M reached on 24th of July, 2020.
  • 20M, -20M reached on 2nd of September, 2020.
  • 30M, -30M reached on 14th of October, 2020.

-X, +Z

The fourth and final highway was finally completed in 2021. The completion of this highway marks all diagonal highways finished to the world border at MEG's 3x3 minimum tunnel size. This dig was completed by Roy4lRondi, tycrek, Citadel2222, Juderenee, jumboman32,Parzi, and Duke_Arktouros.


  • -10M, 10M reached on 5th of August, 2020.
  • -20M, 20M reached on 31st of December, 2020.
  • -30M, 30M reached on 13th of February, 2021.


The first highway to reach 1,000,000 (+X) in the overworld was dug primarily by omaliymix in 2012, as detailed in THEJudgeHolden's comics. The +X highway was also the site of Byrnsy's mission to reach the overworld World Border, which was achieved in 2017. As of 2020, all axial nether highways, and their diagonal counterparts, extend to the overworld world border.

Ring roads

Ring roads are roads created and maintained by the Motorway Extension Gurus (MEG) and the Highway Workers Union (HWU). They connect the highways at various intervals, including the 1k, 5k, 10k, 15k, 25k, 50k, 125k, and 250k ring roads. Some of these are still under construction, however, and it is recommended you look at the map for reference.

Konata Izumi Road

On May 2021, the Nether World Border was reached using this highway [4]. The road coordinates are: Z: 28500 (28.5k) and Y: 5 nether.

The length of the road is 30 millions blocks, it starts at the southern canal (0, 5, 28.5k) and ends at the nether world border (30M, 5, 28.5k).

The road was created only by Hare_Hare_Yukai using 2 alts. This project took around half a year to complete and the digging was done in 77 days. A special method of repairing pickaxes was developed during the construction of this road.


The Highway system is made up of obsidian, with netherrack used in later parts of the highways as a substitute to the expensive material. However, due to the nature of Duplication Glitches on 2b2t, obsidian is very common and is always being used in the highway system.


It is common to see many players on the highways, both maintenance personnel and travelers to or from spawn. The highways are common use on 2b2t due to one block in the nether being 8 blocks in the overworld, thus rendering the overworld highways in poor condition and generally useless in comparison.


Highways near spawn are usually always destroyed or obliterated due to the chaotic nature of 2b2t's various spawns. Multiple spawnfags fly idle waiting for unsuspecting newfags to come into rendering on the highways to massacre them.

Other notable highways

The -4444 Highway starts at the coordinates 0x -4444z and goes in the eastern direction. It's known as one of the longest non axis Highways in the Nether. It extends for more than 2 Million blocks in the overworld and several bases were built on its overworld side.

Another notable highway is the Highway dug by the X+ Diggers starting at the X+ World Border (Point Nemo) and goes for 30,000,000 Overworld blocks to the X+ Z+ World Corner (Point Less). This Highway also has many monuments and milestones.

One more highway that is well-known today is the ring road which was built 1000 blocks away from 0,0 and was toured by BarrenDome in a YouTube video.

End Highways

This render by the player IronException shows the ring roads system around End Spawn.
This render by the player IronException shows the ring roads system around End Spawn.

The Highway system in the End Dimension is considered to be the least developed. This is due to the fact that End travel is rare, and that even when it is done, it is usually by elytra. The highways are mainly defined by a series of ring roads that circle Spawn, as well as 4 axis Highways that go for around 100,000 blocks. Some of these Highways were made out of Ice or Cobblestone using automated piston machines.

Highway Related Groups

Highway Building/Maintenance Groups

Maintenance is done by many groups. Most notably are:


Groups dedicated to counter the maintenance groups include: