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"Hausemaster, want to build a base together? Hausemaster. Hause, Hause... Hause..."

File:Flag of Highland.png
Flag of Highland
Existed April, 1st, 2017 - Present
Status Active
Numbers 82
Bases Unknown

The Highland started as idea in late February of 2017, between The_Grand_Lotus and CasparovJr. It's stated goal is providing a better experience for players while staying independent and neutral to affairs of other groups. Highland is notorious for providing newfags with items such as golden apples and max enchant armor and is therefore balmed for enabling chat cancer and spawnfaggotry. Highland currently uses no dedicated chat bot accounts, but some members (most notoriously The_Grand_Lotus himself) use chatspammer features from cheat clients to compensate.

It was stated by The_Grand_Lotus that Highland's membership shifts both due to members being kicked out and due to them leaving and that memebers of the Highland understand not to become too attached to individual players, as they can stop playing at any time. The Highland agenda is not public, but it's stated goal is to continue providing a better experience for players in general.

The group has a discord role system that starts out with Vassal, proceeding to Highland and then further, private promotions to Sergeant, Chaplain, or Knight. These roles are modeled after the 11th century Templar. The group also has a role for Non-Highland participants, which is a general 2b2t chat channel available to all players. Voice Channels include 2B2T, Highland, Great Hall, and Round Table.

Notable Members

  • The_Grand_Lotus (Abbot, Founder)
  • Fluffbuck3t (Abbess)
  • dabigbulletz638 (Knight)
  • Fox (Chaplain)
  • theblobinc (Chaplain)
  • CallMeRosa (Chaplain)
  • DopeyXin (Sergeant)
  • Mr. Wilson (Knight)
  • Skipcast (Sergeant)
  • __TheAndrey__ (Sergeant)
  • _E2
  • _Uberfunk_(Chaplain)
  • Lord_Badoc (Chaplain)
  • boolet (Abbot)
  • NedaT (Highland)