HighAtWork is a map artist, collector and former admin of the shulkerroad company. As well member of the elusive brownmen

"I bought Chat Off Hause"
BasesSpergClub, Elysium 3
TypeExplorer, Builder, Griefer
Alternative AccountsDrunkAtHome
CurrentBrownmen, TEA, BSB,The Jew Masons, The Enclave
PastInfinity Incursion, Team Hentai, GS Trading Co, The Jew Masons, Elysium


Brownmen and Associates

HighAtWork is a player that joined in 2019. After befriending FarmerJoe, he quickly became a member of the group The Jew Masons. Through his time and effort in the Jew Masons, he became a low-ranking member of the Brownmen. He later became owner of the Jew Masons. He also participated in The Bakery, The Quarantine, and No Server November 2 with the Brownmen.

HighAtWork became a member of Elysium in late 2020, setting up shop at their newest base, Elysium 3. Then, he was ratted, causing him to be removed from most of the groups he was in. He then left the server for a 5 month long hiatus, occasionally checking in on his dying group The Jew Masons. At the beginning of 2021 SoiledCold invited HighAtWork to one of his projects, causing HighAtWork to re-join the server fully around January 2021. He also joined BSB for a short time after making SpergClub with them.


Between 2019 and late 2020 HighAtWork got into making maparts, befriending InvisibleXD and soon making his first map. He then joined the mapart group TEA.

Here are some of his works: