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Status Active

HermeticLock is a newfag on 2b2t who is most known for his involvement with DonFuer, creating the "World Famous Spawn Base", and being the leader of the Spawn Masons group, and various other projects.


HermeticLock joined sometime during the Rusher War and decided to join the Vortex Coalition, achieving the ranks of Developer and Executive. He was a member of the Vortex Coalition up until the third phase of VoCo, known as the "fall of VoCo" in January of 2017. He became involved with the group DonFuer, who were a group that had come from several servers and decided to create their tenth base on 2b2t. Herm helped with the build but it was supposedly leaked by Colt and the base was eventually destroyed. In response, Herm changed the background of the Vortex Coalition website into a DonFuer propaganda page since he was in charge of running it. DonFuer claimed to have defeated VoCo in these propaganda memes. Hermeticlock eventually got ahold of the Vortex Coalition discord after Colt "sold" it to him, which was really a meme.

After the whole drama with VoCo (which was mainly meme), Herm continued to be apart of DonFuer, helping with the planning of the eleventh base. However, the base was never completed and Hermeticlock eventually decided to leave the group. He moved on to create his World Famous Spawn Base, which received a lot of attention by the community that there were visitors almost daily and the third largest battle took place there.

Herm eventually decided to create the Spawn Masons on the principle that no base will ever last on the server. With this in mind, the Masons would build there bases and upon completion would destroy them. The Masons lasted for seven months until Herm decided to disband the group in order to prevent it from any sort of real drama and for it to wither away. The SpawnMasons decided to reform a few months after it's disbandment. He now continues to play on the server regularly. 

Today, Herm is an executive in VoCo. He has done multiple projects since November 2017, notably Project Shiny and Project Acacia. Hermeticlock was promoted to First Class after his time as Prime Minister. During the Off-Season, Herm wasn't seen much in the discord. However, he became an executive toward the end of the Off-Season. Phase IV has seen Herm return to moderate levels of activity.