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Approx. Joined2016
CurrentGuardsmen Donfuer (rejoined Feb 2021)
PastSpawnMasons, Vortex Coalition New Facepunch Republic

HermeticLock is a community leader on 2b2t who is most known for his involvement with DonFuer, creating the World Famous Spawn Base, and being the former leader and co-founder of the SpawnMasons group, founding the Guardsmen as well as various other projects. In his own words, his specialty is bringing players together in interesting ways. HermeticLock believes that sometimes in order to have fun on the server you cannot sit around and wait for others to do it for you; you need to create your own fun.

Various projects of his have been featured by Fit, SalC1, and BarrenDome over the years. Cumulatively, his projects have over 20,000,000 views on YouTube since 2017.


HermeticLock joined sometime during The Rusher War and decided to join The Vortex Coalition. He was a high-ranking member of the Vortex Coalition up until the third phase of VoCo, known as the "Fall of VoCo" in January of 2017. He became involved with the group DonFuer, who were a group that had come from several servers and decided to create their 10th base on 2b2t. Herm helped with the build until it was supposedly leaked by Coltsnid. The base was eventually destroyed. In response, Herm got a hold of the Vortex Coalition discord after Colt "sold" it to him.

After the VoCo controversy, Herm continued to be apart of DonFuer, helping with the planning of the 11th base. However, the base was never completed and HermeticLock eventually decided to leave the group. He moved on to create his World Famous Spawn Base, which received a lot of attention by the community that there were visitors almost daily and the third largest battle of the server at the time took place there.


In 2017, Herm decided to create the SpawnMasons, membership of which was designed to be significant and difficult to obtain. The Masons lasted for 7 months until Herm decided to disband the group in order to avoid any sort of real drama or for it to fade away with time. The SpawnMasons decided to reform a few months after its disbandment. He now continues to play on the server regularly. 

He has done multiple projects since November 2017, such as Project Shiny, Hermland, Cloud Club, and others. He managed the 2b2t.online project, a social network to archive coordinates and photos of locations on the server. He also played a significant part in rallying groups to participate in the Sixth Incursion. Herm served as SpawnMason Worshipful from 2018 – 2020, and was instrumental in the design of The Masonic Eclipse, building APIs for the bots. He was also serving as one of the five advisors in the revived Facepunch Federation until recently. He left the group for unknown reasons.

Guardsman - Present

After leaving the masons Herm formed the Guardsmen in may 2020 a group made to build and defend at the "homeland". In February 2021 Herm rejoined the 2b2t chapter of DonFuer in an initiation attended by D loaded Zetrax ItsParkerYT Dragonworm and others. He has assisted in building at current Donfuer bases afterwards.