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JoinedAugust 09, 2013 (nine years ago)
BasesShenandoah, Etobase, Sleepy's Hollow, Mjolnir, Asgard 2
CurrentSpawnmasons, Team Pepsi
PastThe Legion of Shenandoah, Valkyria, The 4th Reich, Team Veteran, Guardsmen

_Henry_ is an oldfag on 2b2t, and is on the staff team for the 2b2t wiki.

Early History


_Henry_ joined 2b2t on the August 9th, 2013, after seeing a render of spawn posted on r/Minecraft.[1] On his first day, he was invited to a small spawnbase by E_to_the_G. E_to_the_G trolled _Henry_ for a period of time to test his dedication before inviting him to Shenandoah. While Shenandoah had existed as a neutral base near spawn for some time, _Henry_ was one of the first to reside there permanently. While at Shenandoah, _Henry_ met Germinaneu (aka bigbang105, who later used the account EX0DlSS), and AppleLight (who later used the account GERMKILLA). Together, the three of them looted a small abandoned base nearby and began to expand the base. Not long after, bigbang105 and AppleLight vanished, leaving _Henry_ as the sole active resident of Shenandoah.

Etobase and Sleepy's Hollow

In early October 2013, _Henry_ was invited by E_to_the_G to Etobase. Less than a month later, it was griefed by an unknown party. Following the dissolution of yet another base group, _Henry_ took a two-month break from 2b2t. Upon his return on January 1st, 2014, _Henry_ was contacted by the remaining members of the Etobase group. They had established a new base, Sleepy's Hollow, built within a thousand blocks of the Etobase ruins. Sleepy's Hollow did not fare much better than Etobase, as a series of very minor griefs beginning in late February spelled doom for the base's future. In response, _Henry_ and the other active members established a small base inside a ravine along a chunk discontinuity around three thousand blocks from Sleepy's Hollow. Although the extent of the physical damage to Sleepy's Hollow was very minor, the hit to morale was severe, and the base was considered dead. Although Ravine Base remained undiscovered, the group stagnated. Shortly after, 2b2t would be put on a new map for just over two months. When the original map returned, _Henry_ continued building alone at Sleepy's Hollow.

Legion of Shenandoah

In August of 2014, Germinaneu/bigbang105 returned to the server on the account EX0DlSS and asked _Henry_ to come back to Shenandoah. When _Henry_ arrived, he found that EX0DlSS had been rebuilding the base. The two founded the Legion of Shenandoah to search for new players at spawn, testing them to see if they had what it took to survive on 2b2t, as E_to_the_G had done with them.

Asgard II

In 2015, Shenandoah was griefed. Rather than stay and rebuild, _Henry_ took the Legion to Sleepy's Hollow to regroup, where they rebuilt and expanded the base before moving on to found Mjolnir. The Legion did not stay there for long, as _Henry_ pulled some strings with Valkyria to secure invitations to Asgard II for the Legion. _Henry_ and the Legion would stay there until the base's destruction in April of 2015.

The SpawnMasons

_Henry_ joined the SpawnMasons in March of 2017 during the first degree, and in July of that year was elected Worshipful, a position he would hold until Hermeticlock's dissolution of the group a month later.

Along with Ain, _Henry_ was responsible for the re-establishment of the SpawnMasons after their disbandment in August of 2017. This second incarnation of the SpawnMasons was founded later that month, with _Henry_ serving as an unofficial leader. Upon his return to 2b2t in 2019, Hermeticlock worked alongside _Henry_ and Ain to revitalize the group with the creation of the degree system and the beginning of the group's third degree. _Henry_ continued to serve as the group's de facto leader until his retirement from the server in April of 2019.