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Inhabitants7___k, LegendBake, masonstation, Snippykeegan, SurrealLemon, Tokems
LocationX:-1241500 Z:-80300
StartedMarch 2020
LeakerGuest invited to the base
GriefedJune 26, 2020
GriefersBase members
World download
LinkAvailable on The Archive

Hemispheria was a base founded in March 2020 by LegendBake, 7___k, and Tokems, after the three had been inhabitants of Tokemshire for a few months, which was a spawn base designed to be similar to the Valley of Wheat. While the initial scope of the base was ambitious in nature, it was griefed after only three months, meaning many builds were left incomplete besides LegendBake's giant white concrete cathedral (inspired by Space Valkyria 3's outer ring) and the Tree of Life. Other builds included an underground PvP arena, a large uncompleted castle, a pyramid temple, a gape that was planned to be a redstone area, and a few other builds such as a dome and a large wine bottle. The other base members and guests did quite little. The foundations of the castle had just been laid when the coordinates were leaked on 2b2t_uncensored by an anonymous player (likely a base member or guest) in June 2020, and griefed on June 26. After the grief of Hemispheria, the founders relocated to Citybase.


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