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"I dig highways in a block game."
Alternative AccountsSuperbad0315
CurrentMotorway Extension Gurus

harritaco is a 2012 player and digger of the Motorway Extension Gurus and is part of one of the largest projects in survival Minecraft.


Early days

harritaco first learned of 2b2t from one of his friends in high school in 2012. He played for a couple of months then, on his original account Superbad0315, mostly playing classic survival and not interacting with many other players. He spent time near Spawn hunting for melons and basic gear. Once he had that he phased on top of the Nether roof and AFK walked in a random direction for hours. Eventually, he set up a small base, and stopped playing after a few months, and came back intermittently throughout high school. After his return to the server, he spent a long time trying to find the coordinates to that original base, but has had no luck.


He began playing again in March 2020 when FitMC appeared in his YouTube recommendations, and he decided to watch one of his videos to see how the server had aged. When he returned to the server, he escaped Spawn and used side roads on the Nether highways to get around. Highways were more dangerous at the time, as an elytra fly bypass was available to use, so a lot of spawnfags would fly around the highways killing players. He went out hundreds of thousands of blocks away from Spawn to gear up and figure out what to do.

He discovered the Motorway Extension Gurus while looking around for groups to join. At the time, it consisted of Illville502, Citadel2222, DantezWrath, and KevinKC2014. He reached out to Citadel on Discord to see what they were working on, and to let him know that he was new and was looking for a project to help out on. At the time, Citadel, Dantez, Kevin, and illville were still digging the -X, -Z diagonal highway to the world border. Citadel invited him, and let him know that he'd need to gear himself once he got there until they wanted to add him in.

Motorway Extension Gurus

At the time Citadel invited harritaco to the group, harritaco was in a different quadrant, so he /killed back to Spawn to start walking all the way to the dig site on the -X, -Z. After the first day or so of walking, he ran into a geared player, who, after chatted for a bit, gave him a kit. The kit contained the first elytra harritaco had on the server, and he used that to cover the remainder of the distance to the dig site. He mined quartz to mend the elytra when needed. He eventually caught up, and assisted Citadel, illville, and Dantez with the highway until its eventual completion in May 2020. In the final weeks of the dig, he decided to make an alternate account to dig another project as he wanted MEG's momentum to keep going after the -X, -Z was finished. The alternate account, which was named harritaco, began digging the +X, +Z highway in early May 2020 and it was later joined by Jonanen, and then KevinKC2014. Since then, he has gone on to help with many MEG projects. As a part of MEG, he has mostly been responsible for the base and supply logistics for the group, including setting up bases, moving shulkers of pickaxes around, coordinating supply restocks with other diggers, and more. The projects harritaco has participated in on behalf of MEG are as follows:

  • -X, -Z diagonal highway
  • +X, +Z diagonal highway
  • 125K ring road
  • 250K ring road
  • 500K ring road
  • -Z world border highway
  • World border ring road