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JoinedSummer 2020
BasesSky Masons, Obsidian Isle, Corner Base, Poppy Town, Angband, Dubrovnik, Various Spawn Builders Association Bases
TypeBuilder, Explorer, Exploiter
Alternative AccountsPetrifiedDonkey
CurrentAncients, Astral Brotherhood, Spawn Builders Association

Harrissssonn is base hunter who joined in 2020 and has built for multiple groups such as the Ancients, Spawn Builders Association, Astral Brotherhood and SpawnMasons. He's discovered multiple exploits, such as BoatTP.


Early History

Harrissssonn joined 2b2t in Summer of 2020, and began playing more actively in October 2020, when he met BreezilyRusher, and started basing with him. BreezilyRusher stopped playing after a while, leaving Harrisssonn on his own. He returned to spawn and met bobbers22, who invited him to join Spawn Builders Association, where he met many of his friends that he plays with today. He began to base hunt in late 2020; he sold several of the stashes he found to the Brownmen. He continued base hunting and building throughout 2021.

BoatTP and End Gateway Experimentation

Harrissssonn began experimenting with End Gateways in late 2021. This resulted in his discovery of the BoatTP exploit, in addition to duplicating boats, crashing the queue server, and other odd behaviors with end gateway functionalities. The end-gateway-associated exploits had widely varying outcomes, leading to concerns that Hausemaster was interfering in some way, although no proof to that effect existed until the patch of BoatTP in mid-2022. While initially kept secret, knowledge of BoatTP gradually spread in mid-2022. Harrisssson used it on his trip to the -,- End Corner to start both Our/Place and Corner Base. After the exploit became increasingly public, Harrissssonn emailed Hausemaster to patch the exploit in mid-June 2022.

Participation in the Ancients

Harrissssonn joined the Ancients after he was invited to help build and run the event Squid Games 3. After meeting the rest of the group, he was invited to officially join. As he was traveling to the -,- End Corner, he was far in the End dimension, and BoatTP'd the Ancients to -10M, -10M in the end for their next project, Our/Place. They also constructed their End Rod monument there.

Participation in the Astral Brotherhood

Harrissssonn was invited to the Astral Brotherhood by Durkaaqt, and was immediately invited to build at Poppy Town. After building there he achieved the Lunarium rank in the group. Harrissssonn and Durkaaqt invited many of the ancients to Astral, including YoMoBoYo, Hovecs, and xrayessay. He also built at Obsidian Isle. He was subsequently invited to the Spawnmasons discord as a guest, and built at Sky Masons.

Journey to the End Corner

Harrisssonn started his trip to the End Worldborder corner the 22nd of March 2022. He was forced to restart several times resulting from misplaced resource shulkers and failed BoatTPs. He reached the -,- End Corner 12th of June 2022, after 17.42 days of in game time spent traveling, and using a total of 12 shulkers of elytras used[1].

After he reached the end corner, he founded Corner Base, and preceded to teleport many of his friends out there for the base. It became a collaborate base involving the Ancients, Spawnmasons, Astral Brotherhood, and Spawn Builders Association and lasted for about a month before it was griefed by the Fifth Column.


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