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I tri towers.jpg
I_tri's towers at Halicarnassus
InhabitantsA97J, bread_loafs, Chipoff, I_tri, iAmZeiss, Joey_Coconut, Lunch_Katsu, oofcloof, Steampunkjax, y_a_t_a, and 0Channy
Location(-418800, 1209700)
StartedDecember 7, 2020
GriefedOctober 22, 2021
GriefersSelf-grief (Joey_Coconut)
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Halicarnassus was a million base inhabited by Crimson, Shortbus Caliphate, and Astral Brotherhood members for its almost year long lifespan, although it existed independently of these groups.


Halicarnassus was founded by a short-lived group of trusted Crimson and Shortbus Caliphate members (called Stashcrew) on December 21st, 2020. It served as a both a place to deposit the stashes several members of the group had found, and to provide a longer-term base for the members of the group. The members moved to Adamantium with Joey_Coconut in the wake of jared2013's leak of Block Game Jerusalem to orsond, as well as the grief of Lateott and theft of NotedPainter814's stash by orsond. The group remained with the Guardsmen for a long period after and nearly all became members over the next year. As the builders were building with the Guardsmen, they were not building at the base. Besides iAmZeiss stealing a large portion of the stash with dragonworm for DonFuer 21 (formerly Deepwater Horizon), the base stayed largely inactive for the majority of 2021.

The base lay dormant except for the construction of I_tri’s Desert towers and Steampunkjax's Parthenon Temple, and the invitation of Chipoff. Several new members from the Astral Brotherhood were invited to the base in early September 2021. They included A97J - the final builder of the base, and Zetrax - who leaked the base to orsond. Following the grief of Menegroth and the discovery of Zetrax leaking Halicarnassus, the base members decided to grief Halicarnassus themselves. It was griefed by Joey_Coconut on October 22, 2021.