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Collecting is one of the more common activities on 2b2t. Player’s have collected a wide variety of items throughout the years, ranging from normal blocks to blocks that were obtained through backdoors or exploits. Many items are considered a ‘collectible’, although their history, value and rarity vary greatly. Some of these items are even exclusive to 2b2t, as some of them have never been seen on any other Minecraft server, which enhances 2b2t's uniqueness. Many players are also not aware of their differences and collectively describe these items as ‘rare’, ‘glitched’ or ‘hacked in’. Different categories of ‘collectibles’ can be distuingished. Interest in 'collecting' often overlaps with interests in the 'technical' side of Minecraft.


‘Oddities’ consist of normal Minecraft items, which are still obtainable. They are easily obtainable, reproducible and overall just considered an ‘oddity’ to collect. These include:

  • Chainmail armor pieces: Chainmail armor was one of the five armor sets introduced in the early versions of Minecraft. Its protection value was between iron and gold and the pieces were not very durable. On top of that the sets couldn’t be crafted in survival, because they required ‘fire’ blocks which were impossible to obtain. The developers of Minecraft didn’t pay too much attention to the chainmail armor until 2012, when it became possible to obtain individual chainmail pieces through trading and killing mobs. This was also the case on 2b2t, where just like on other servers it was considered a challenge to obtain every single armor piece, especially if the pieces had not lost any durability and were enchanted. Ever since duplication exploits such as the Minecart Portal Dupe of 2013 fully enchanted sets of chainmail armor became widespread and lost most of their rarity, a phenomenon relatively unique to 2b2t.[1][2]
  • Enchantment books
  • Naturally generated banners
  • Music discs
  • Enchanted pumpkins
  • Cakes
  • Dyed armor sets
  • Map id’s
  • Mob heads.

The Dragon Egg also belongs to this category. Although it is arguably the most rare item in a normal Minecraft world, it has become extremely common due to it being duplicated.

Unobtainable items

Unobtainable items’ consist of Minecraft items or mobs which at some point in the past were craftable or obtainable in the game, but can no longer be obtained due to changes in Minecraft itself or server plugins. They are often not necessarily rare due to being duplicated a lot, but are not reproducible. Some items disappeared when the server updated to Java Edition 1.19.4 in August 2023. The category includes items such as:

Glitched items

‘Glitched items’, consist of items that were obtained using exploits and glitches that were later patched. These include:

  • Max enchanted books
  • Stacked’ items - created during the Crafting Dupe.
  • Negative durability items
  • Unbreakables[3]
  • The ‘invisible’ block-36
  • Floating gravity-blocks
  • Max-enchanted books: Books with multiple or even all enchantments, possibly created using the book exploits of 2012.
  • Non-enchanted enchantment book: Also possibly created using book-related exploits.

These items often need special treatment to stay in existence, due to server plugins automatically removing them if interacted with. ‘Illegals’ were permanently removed from the server in August 2023. The community interested in these items overlap with a Minecraft community that is overall interested in ‘discontinued features’ in Minecraft.

Hacked-in items

‘Hacked-in items’ consists of Minecraft items which could only be introduced to the game by a player having admin-powers. Players like iTristan, popbob and Pyrobyte used their backdoors to spawn ‘hacked items’. Over time most of these have been removed from the server.

  • Bedrock: Created during all three backdoors. Distributed to and duped at omaliymix and CreamOfTheSlop's dupe stashes. Bedrock structures have been destroyed using exploits over time during events such has The Breakery.
  • End Portal Frames: Created during the First Backdoor. Also distributed to and duped at omaliymix and CreamOfTheSlop's dupe stashes. Many 'illegal' End portals have been found and destroyed over time. Most were deleted by Hausemaster, but a few remain in remote places.
  • Pig Spawners: Spawned in by popbob during the First Backdoor. Also distributed to and duped at omaliymix and CreamOfTheSlop's dupe stashes. Become deleted if in inventory or viewed. All placed pig spawners were removed by Hausemaster during the 1.12 Update. They made a resurgence along with Super Weapons, but were later patched again. Completely removed with the 1.19.4 update.
  • Command Blocks. Created during the Second Backdoor, but they were unusable and couldn't be placed by anyone except for Pyrobyte, who experimented with tick speed in a bygone stash 2,000,000 blocks away from Spawn. The sole physical proof of their use is in the square ocean generated around it, as the borders used to be filled with an unusually large amount of mobs and Endermen activity.
  • Locked chests: Created during the first Backdoor. Also distributed to and duped at omaliymix and CreamOfTheSlop's dupe stashes. Deleted by Mojang in the 1.7.2 update.
  • Barrier Blocks. Created during the Second and/or Third Backdoor and found in iTristan's stash in early 2017. According to Jacktherippa, 2 barriers blocks were placed on the +X Highway on the way to iTristan illegal stash. One was present at Aureus City.
  • Player heads: Originally spawned in during the Second Backdoor, later heads were spawned in by The Tyranny in early 2016. Disabled by Hausemaster along with some other items during the 1.12 server update. Completely removed with the 1.19.4 update.
  • Stacked armor: Spawned during the Second Backdoor. Unstacked automatically while in inventory or viewed by player since the 1.12.2 Update Completely removed with the 1.19.4 update.
  • Max-enchanted gear, commonly known as '32ks' or 'Superweapons'. Created during the Second Backdoor and later reacquired by Kinorana and AlphaComputer. Patched multiple times and completely removed since 1.19.4 update.[4]
  • Spawn Eggs: Created during the First and Second Backdoor, also distributed to and duped at omaliymix and CreamOfTheSlop's dupe stashes. It is also believed that Hausemaster gave them to players in 2011.
  • Seamless Double Stone Slabs[5]
  • Alpha Snowballs
  • Textureless Iron Horse Armor
  • Barrier blocks
  • Water blocks: Created by popbob during the First Backdoor. Also distributed to and duped at omaliymix and CreamOfTheSlop's dupe stashes. Deleted by Mojang in the 1.8 update.
  • Fire blocks.
  • Shrubs
  • Enchanted glass: Likely created during the Second backdoor. There were originally two sets: a glass block set - which became widely spread - and a glass pane set, which has been lost over time. These blocks 'reverted' since the 1.12.2 update and completely removed since the 1.19.4 update. Reverted enchanted glass still contains double NBT-tags, one for their custom name and one for their 'repair cost'.
  • Books with the copy status ‘tattered
  • Infinite blocks: Blocks that could be held and placed an infinite number of times. Originally discovered and utilized by the players at ZiggyBase. Deleted by Mojang along with all other negative items.

Written books

Books are unique in the sense that they are connected to specific IGN’s. If a player keeps a book to himself, it could remain a truly unique and rare item. It became common for players to collect books and over time an entire subculture revolving around collecting, sharing and trading them developed. Known books include ‘jared2013’s diary’ or a book Etika wrote for FitMC.

Custom collectibles

‘Custom Collectibles’ consist of items that are ‘created’ by players but impossible to differentiate from potential replicas or copies. This category includes the wide variety of banners players have created over the years. Banners can easily be copied and their crafting recipes are often public. ‘Blocks’ that Players have created themselves or collected or obtained from old base ruins or other prominent locations, also belong to this category. An example of that is the Rusher shield FitMC obtained from TheCampingRusher. Map-arts and ‘kits’ related to players or groups also belong to this category.