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JoinedOctober 22, 2019
BasesSeveral Imperials Bases, The Homeland, Arrarat, The Farlands, Buccaneer Bay, Camp Spooky, Funbase, Adamantium, Hokkaido, Canopy, Mithril, Rat House, Vega, Pleiades 7, Hurtbase, Helheim, Helheim 2 Solaris, Spawn Migration, Dubrovnik
GriefsJakethesnake52 Christmas Base 2020 II
CurrentAstral Brotherhood
PastGuardsmen, The Imperials, KOS Assassins, Shortbus Caliphate, Guardians of Andromeda

HURTLOCKERBECK is a builder in the Astral Brotherhood and a former member of the Guardsmen.


Hurtlockerbeck joined 2b2t on October 22, 2019. He joined the Imperials shortly thereafter and participated with them until February 2020. While in Imperials, he befriended diamondranger987, and built at several bases, including Karthwasten Recruit Base, Novigrad, and the Imperial City. After drama surrounding MrCK10 in early 2020, he left Imperials and began building at the Homeland. While there, he was recruited into the Guardsmen by Yarnamite and IronException following a purge in the public Guardsmen Discord. He was initiated a month later with Takeoutmenu. Shortly thereafter, he also joined KOS Assassins, which introduced him to Joey_Coconut and resulted in him joining the Shortbus Caliphate and participating in the 10th Incursion. After building at Adamantium, he was banned from the Guardsmen as a result of drama surrounding false allegations of him causing the grief of Azure, as well as drama with orsond. He participated in a number of Guardsmen bases after being unbanned, but increasingly spent time with the Shortbus Caliphate members there, and later joined the Astral Brotherhood with them upon its foundation. He became a full member of the Astral Brotherhood in August 2022 after building with the group on and off for a year at such bases as Vega, Hurtbase, Helheim, Helheim 2, Solaris, and Dubrovnik.