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'Medieval best build style?' ~Warske, 2022
InhabitantsWarske, Jenskeee123, NaiveOposeum
LocationX: 1,270,762 Z: -1,252,732
StartedOctober 5, 2020
GriefedApril 2, 2022
GriefersBackstreet Boys
World download
LinkNot Available

Gysdall was a solo build founded on October 5, 2020 by Warske. The build was made possible by Jenskeee123 and NaiveOposeum, who helped collect materials. Warske spent a year building the base and later became inactive 5 months before the base was found by Blaksaber21, who leaked the coordinates to iMems. iMems then destroyed the base along with his group the Backstreet Boys (BSB) on April 2, 2022.


On October 5th, 2020, Warske and Jenskeee123 decided on a location for the city. A month later, NaiveOposeum arrived at the base, while Jef_2005, who was also invited, never finished the journey. The group started to gather resources and plan out the base. Warske then began building the church that later became the centerpiece of the city.

As building progressed, the walls took shape, and houses began to fill the streets. Warske spent the most time overall on the church. After a month the church, several houses, and a large part of the wall were finished. Houses were built further until Warske and his friends lost motivation and the base was abandoned for a while.

After a 3 month break, Warske returned to the server and formed a new plan for the base; he wanted to expand the city with a new area on the other side of the water. He built a bridge and surrounded the area for the new city with a medieval wall. He wanted to surpass his first church he built with an even larger church, unfortunately, a lack of motivation and materials left it incomplete. After getting sent back to spawn, Warske and another player he met there began a new base.

After a long break which lasted more than 6 months, Warske returned to the server around the time the Nocom exploit became public. To his surprise, the base was untouched, so Warske began a third expansion to the base—a new island on the sea opposite the main city. In just 2 days the impressive medieval wall containing 2 layers was completed after which Warske left the server for the last time before the grief.


A screenshot of Gysdall after the grief, taken by iMems

At the end of March, a stash hunter named Blaksaber21 discovered the base. He was screensharing in a Discord call with a player named spart41. spart41 told Blaksaber to blow up the base, but he refused. But because he was livestreaming, the coordinates were in spart41's possession. Blaksaber was on his last shulker with rockets and could not travel much longer and spart41 saw 2b2t_Regular online and convinced Blaksaber to sell him the coordinates for rockets and other kits. They came into contact and iMems was added to the call, and the deal was finalized (shulkers with rockets and other kits in exchange for the base). A few hours later, iMems arrived at the base with the Backstreet Boys and blew up the base. iMems fulfilled the deal and gave the agreed items to Blaksaber.

During its existence, the base received two unexpected visits. The first visitor was rebane2001 on his alt popstonia, who found the base within a month of its foundation. After Warske discovered an unfamiliar portal near the base, he found that a book had been left in the nearest chest, explaining that rebane had found the base through 2b2t's mapart wall but would keep the coordinates safe.

The second visitor was jordanl666, who visited the base on 23 November 2021. He found the base using the Nocom exploit. Because Warske joined for the last time a few weeks before, the base members never knew until after the grief that jordanl666 had found the base. jordanl666 was friendly and left some items to support the base and mentioned that the coordinates were safe with him.

Builds and architecture

Warske used a medieval theme all over the base, so everything would fit together. By not deviating from the theme, he created a medieval atmosphere that he wanted to achieve after placing his first block. He built the base in 3 parts which he connected with bridges over the water. He did this because after building the same part for a while he got tired of it and wanted to start something new but did not want to deviate from the general medieval theme.

He built many medieval walls to demarcate the different parts of the base and to reinforce a medieval atmosphere. Almost all the houses had the same design so that the churches would stand out above the town. For the two churches he built he used inspiration of two real existing churches; the first church he built was the tower inspired by the cathedral tower of Antwerp (Belgium) while the second church was inspired by the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (Spain).