Guardians of Andromeda

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Guardians of Andromeda
Goa Rainbow.gif
The 2b2t GoA Server icon
FoundedOctober 1st 2020
BasesSirus A, Sirius B, Proxima Centari, Alpha Centari, Europa, pelides1-7

Guardians of Andromeda (Shortened to GoA) was created by BG_for_BabyGhast. It officially opened up on October 1st, 2020.

Primarily being a building group, all of their bases are named after celestial objects. As of late December, they are still active with a small member count of about 20. They initiate members in waves to manage players into or out of the group as forts are started and finished.

GoA 2b2t Division Banner

Membership system

In GoA, all members are equal. But to gain more permissions than others, members will require a specific promotion rank.


Initiates are unofficial GoA members. They are assigned to a fort where they must prove their worth/trustworthiness.


Guardians are the base rank in GoA. With this rank, you are an official member to GoA.


Sentinels have proven they want to be dedicated to GoA. Members may reach this rank usually after joining two to three bases.


Veterans are members who have participated in a large amount of bases/projects in GoA and may be fairly old to the group.


Zenith members are the highest promotion rank and are trusted with many permissions in GoA as well as project establishment.


Council members are the head of GoA, they have permission to promote or demote any member and other general leading permissions.

History of GoA on 2b2t

In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him... Baby Ghast.

Beginning of GoA:

BG organized the GoA server before the group officially opened on October 1st 2020. BG coded a discord bot to manage server verification and applications into the group. Many were able to apply before the day the group opened, and were given a special rank to signify that. When the server was ready, approved applicants were promoted to Initiates and they suggested to immediately start a base. GoA also began a banner contest, all members would submit a banner design to be voted on in a series of rounds.

The first GoA base was called Proxima Centauri after the closest star from the sun. Initiates started to make their way to the coordinates and build. About 20 to 30 people showed up within the next few days and built a big settlement of builds. This was the most activity BG had personally seen on 2b2t. On the 6th of October, Proxima was griefed while BG was taking a world download. BG fought the griefer but they used boatfly to leave.

The same day Proxima was griefed, three more bases were made. Everyone who was trustworthy established Alpha Centauri, and the rest of the initiates were split into two other bases to test their legitimacy. These bases were called Sirius A and Sirius B. Over time, all three bases were developed, Alpha being the most important to GoA. Alpha was used to form the very first GoA kits using the dupe at the time. It was also the place where BG crafted the first GoA banner which would be duped in the kits.

Prime GoA:

In mid October, the fifth GoA base was established. It was called Europa, and it was the furthest base established from spawn. Sirius A’s progress went smoothly as members casually joined and built. Sirius B’s location was wrong or something, so the location was moved and the new location was blown up over time. The location of the original is lost to time and lack of screenshots. In the beginning of November, GoA started a project to repair the valley of wheat. She designed the tnt bombers that would be built to remove the lavacasts. Starting on the 2nd of November, GoA set up a dupe station to produce tnt, redstone blocks, and stairs.

Over the next few weeks, GoA members dropped tnt onto the casts, removing more than BG thought a small group could manage. By the end of the project, all they needed to do was replace the terrain with obsidian and lay the dirt over. The dupe was patched and GoA couldn't finish the project. Not long later, the Russians would steal all the credit in a Fitmc video.

In December, GoA started their first xmas base for all members to attend, no matter their rank. Coordinates were established and members built winter themed houses. Jade designed a massive tree to build at the center of the base using schematica, but it was never finished due to lack of time and resources. After December, there was a slight period of inactivity from the holidays. In early February, BG bought a Minecraft Server to use as a GoA Base Archive, since he already had a private archive project of his own. The other goal for the server was to also plan bases using 2b2t terrain. The server would evolve to be a project between BG and Jade unrelated to 2b2t.

Also in February is when the Pleiades system was first established to bring in new members. The idea is to have waves of players apply, each wave of new initiates would be given coords to build at and establish a fort. These members would be monitored to test if they were serious about joining or just wanted to inside. This system would be used to bring in all new members who join. During this period, Sirius A was used to send all newly promoted members to. This would lead to Sirius A being griefed in March.

In March Jade had members play on the test server and establish a base called Pisces Fortress II, an ode to her and BG’s previous group. March was also the event BG started called Meteor Shower; Members had to establish a solo base on their own and at the end of the month could invite anyone they wanted to it. If they wanted to register the base to GoA they could. A contest would be held to see who made the best base within a month. This project wasn’t complete due to inactivity.


After complications during March and April, the longevity of GoA was questionable. Members were focused on school and other irl stuff, Jadestrouble had quit 2b2t, and BG was stressed. Nothing much happened with GoA on 2b2t but members left due to loss of interest or conflict with group ideals. In May, Europa was griefed leaving GoA without any bases on 2b2t. It was unknown if Alpha was ever griefed prior.

GoA was labeled as archived in June due to inactivity and low member count. After a few months away from 2b2t, BG decided to continue with GoA in August, but he would spend a majority of the next few months restructuring the group. A new council was formed and leveling ranks. The GoA discord bot was greatly improved to manage the inner workings of the group without giving members perms in the server. BG would overcomplicate the structure of GoA, believing the group would have more members.

GoA after Year One:

A new base was planned for the one year anniversary of GoA called Kepler. This base was treated just like a fort as the invite link was spammed in chat for all to join. Kepler was a success, and it lasted 16 days longer than Proxima and fulfilled its task to revive GoA. After that, a few new bases were established. Gemma was made for newly promoted members. A base given to us by a new member was registered as Corvus. Other projects to build were planned, known as Eskimo Nebula, and Vega.

Over the next couple months, Gemma and Corvus would be worked on. BG tried to add more structure to GoA but after many attempts he gave up as the group was still too small to be organized into larger roles. The GoA Bot would be used to manage the inner workings of the group, such as organizing base information and assigning members. This helps prevent an abuse of power, if that would ever arise. The group will focus less on forming small bases and gear towards establishing mega base projects.