Guardians of Andromeda

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Guardians of Andromeda
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Approx. FoundedOctober 1st 2020
Sirus A, Sirus B, Proxima Centari, Alpha Centari, Europa, pelides1-5

Guardians of Andromeda (Shortened to GoA) was created by BG_for_BabyGhast. It officially opened up on October 1st, 2020. They are a space themed group of non-toxic players.

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Prior to October 1st 2020

BG_for_BabyGhast only played on 2b2t due to his interest in a group called the Eyes of the Zodiac. When the group had been inactive for over a year, he decided to end it and his journey on 2b2t forever.

BG was on 2b2t in late September one night, probably the last time he would play. While talking in chat, 0neb asked him "what do you even do on 2b". Through talking in chat, a player (who will be credited) gifted BG one month of prio queue. After some thinking, BG decided to try and make a new group as the Eyes of the Zodiac were planned to end. The name Guardians of Andromeda comes from "Guardians of the Galaxy" merged with a base that was planned but never made "Andromeda". The original intention of GoA was to be a branch off from the Eyes of the Zodiac. After the Eyes were officially disbanded the day before GoA opened on October 1st, 2020.

Beginning of the group

Invites to the GoA discord were sent in 2b2t chat a week before GOA was complete. BG coded a discord bot to manage applications into the group and auto assign roles to participants. The day GoA opened up, about thirty new players had joined and already begun making a base called Proxima Centauri. The base lasted six days before an insider griefed it. After the fall of PC, a small group of insiders tried to become a threat against GoA. This didn't last long at all, their lousy attempts to keep secrets resulted in all members being banned.

GoA would then establish three bases after the PC. They were named Alpha Centauri, Sirius A, and Sirius B. All bases from then on were isolated. Only members invited to bases by the Base Leader may have access to coordinates. GoA's first involvement within the 2b2t community was by supporting Joey_Coconut's presidential campaign. Although he lost, he was given the "President of 2b2t" role in the GoA discord anyways. Not long, Sirius B ended up being destroyed. A new base was founded and named Europa, the furthest GoA base established so far.

Rise in activity

In November 2020, GoA begun their first group project which is currently still a secret. This project had seen one of the largest growth of members and activity in the group. The project was put to an end when the dupe at the time was patched. Without any stock, the project had to be put on pause until a new dupe was discovered. A new initiation system was introduced this month as well to help regulate new members into the group.

Changing original ideals

In December we had our first xmas base to celebrate the holidays. Not many members participated as they were with family. After the holidays and late January, GoA became somewhat inactive. Loss of members resulted in bases being unmonitored and projects became unfinished. Plans for new bases were made, but never completed. In February, GoA had a spark of activity once more. New members were invited, and plans to change the group were made. With queue being our biggest obstacle of growth, we brought GoA to Hypixel and established our own Archive server with an Anarchy map to play on. This was the start of "GoA Empire". GoA allied with The Brotherhood in February as well.

March had seen some of the largest changes to GoA. The discord server was swamped with channels and roles, the perms were disorganized. The entire discord was reorganized and the structure of the group was changed. All members now had clear rights, and the rules were more concise and fair. GoA also introduced divisions into the group. We were no longer just a peaceful group of builders. We now let members build highways, stash hunt and distribute, find duping methods, advertise at spawn, and others. This introduction to more roles within the group gives players the choice to make their own 2b2t journey while still participating in GoA.

Present day

March had also seen some hardship. We welcomed some new members into the group and provided gear to all. Word got around that one member wanted to join VoCo, in which we all made fun of them for it. A week later, Coltsnid actually disbanded VoCo, which made it even funnier. The kid threw a fit and threatened to destroy and leak the coords to the bases they had access to. We were forced to grief Sirius A on our own, which was currently our oldest base.

On April fools day, GoA had rebranded into "ZoCo" with Council members changing their pfp and nickname to old VoCo leaders.

GoA is a small group, but our community is very friendly and helpful. We don't promote toxic behavior and we do our best to create a new experience for players on the worst server in Minecraft.

Membership system

In GoA all members have rights to establish a base, They will pick out the location and also control who has access. They can be retroactively assigned to bases made by Council members too, if members of a base elect them. GoA is all about creating a platform for members to do what they want, as long as it falls within GoA's morals. Ranking up is usually based on activity and trust. Promotions are decided by the council.


Initiates are unofficial GoA members. They are typically assigned to one of Pleiades forts where they can prove their worth/trustworthiness and rank up.

Level I

Level 1 members have the right to official GoA bases, namely level 1 bases and the forts.

Level II

Level 2 members have the right to level 2 bases along with Level 1 bases

Level III

Level 3 members have the right to level 1, 2, and, 3 bases.

Level IV

Level 4 members have special perms to regulate the group. Their trust will be put to the test, as the best of the best may become Council.

Level V, Council

Council members are the head of GoA, they have permission to Promote or demote any member and other general leading permissions.