Guardian Rushers

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Guardian Rushers
Approx. FoundedJuly 19th, 2016
Approx. DisbandmentOctober 17th, 2016
Notable Members
Notable Bases

The Guardian Rushers were a sub group of Team Rusher composed of diamond Junefags, created by TheJadyha . It was supposed to act as the "elite" Rusher sub group. The group's goal was to help their fellow Newfags escape spawn, create sanctuaries, honor and protect monuments, and to kill Veterans . It also unintentionally acted as a diplomatic group as they have interacted with several other groups such as the Vortex Coalition and the Resistance.


The group was started by TheJadyha, a Rusher, on July 19th, 2016, when he posted a Rusher propaganda video. He made the group after he tried several times to get TheCampingRusher's attention (who did not pay much attention to him). The creation of the Guardian Rushers group was probably just another attempt to get his attention. The group succeeded in several of their goals during the Rusher War as they have helped several Rushers escape spawn and created sanctuaries.

Towards the end of the War, when NedaT was kicked out of the Resistance, the group began getting criticism as TheJadyha had been friends with Neda and still is. When NedaT created Team Aurora, a Pro-Veteran group, TheJadyha had still interacted with her, which made several Rushers mad with TheJadyha as he was aiding the enemy. Eventually, he made a video about the criticism and stated that the Guardian Rushers will remain neutral with Team Aurora and that if they attack Rushers, then they will be attacked by the Guardian Rushers. During the Rusher's first departure period, TheJadyha began to claim that he was taking leadership of the Rushers. However, he was denied this by the rest of the Rushers as the group belongs to TheCampingRusher.

During the Rusher Era's last 5 days, TheJadyha eventually left Team Rusher on October 17th, 2016, in order to create his own group, disbanding the group with his departure. This was due to his fans telling him to leave Team Rusher and to create his own group and that he was getting too much criticism from his interactions with NedaT.


  • Since the group was a Team Rusher sub group, their alliances, neutrality, and enmity with other groups were the same as Team Rusher.
  • Team Aurora - Team Aurora was the only exception to the information above as they were enemies with Team Rusher. This was because of TheJadyha's friendly actions towards the group. Eventually, due to criticism, the sub group became neutral with Team Aurora.