Ground Zero

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Ground Zero
"I'm so proud" -Anonymous
StartedSeptember 4, 2020
Joey_Coconut, LordGalvatronMC, Chipoff, FamilyPumpkin6, dragonworm, MikelAx7, bluebirdx, Morelli1339, iPixisu
Approx. GriefedSeptember 11, 2020
GriefersThe builders
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Ground Zero (also known as the TNT Biome) was a base constructed in September 2020 by members of the Shortbus Caliphate, including Joey_Coconut, LordGalvatronMC, Chipoff, FamilyPumpkin6, dragonworm, MikelAx7 (on his alt TheHylian13), bluebirdx, and Morelli1339 with help from iPixisu. At the time, it was the world record for most TNT blocks placed in survival Minecraft, at 275,000. This record would later be broken by the Infinity Incursion on New Year's Eve of the same year. The build consisted of a recreation of the entire World Trade Center, a small church built by Chipoff, a village coated in TNT, a Fibonacci sequence-inspired build from Joey_Coconut, a recreation of the White House and U.S. Pentagon, and a recreation of the crashed Flight 93. After this was all built, the rest of the desert biome was coated in TNT, and bluebirdx built a few obsidian bunkers for the Shortbus Caliphate members to survive the blast.


On 9/4/2020, Joey_Coconut decided to create a large mass of TNT on 9/11. Joey gave and started placing down TNT in a box, others arrived and continued. A small amount of time later, MikelAx7 proposed building the World Trade Center Plaza in the chosen area for the build (a wilderness area 400k from spawn). The box was expanded to be the first of the two towers that fell, and the second tower was immediately started after the first. Then two crashed planes colliding with the towers were built. After the two towers were finished, the other 5 buildings at the WTC were also made before the ground was coated in additional TNT. By this time, Joey_Coconut and LordGalvatronMC had shown up, as well as Chipoff. When FamilyPumpkin6 arrived a day later, the team decided to work on the Pentagon, and additional planes were built. After this, the team decided to coat the ground in TNT everywhere to make a sort of 'TNT Biome' and also left Shortbus Caliphate banners all around the base. Shortly after this, MikelAx7 and dragonworm showed up, followed by Morelli1339. A room-for-room recreation of the White House was built out of TNT, and Chipoff built a small church that was also blown up in the real-life attacks. At this point, the team decided to light up the ground and continue expanding outward, before several of the members added their names in obsidian at the front (followed by several more members adding their names in TNT).


On 9/11/20, the base was blown up with every member attending besides FamilyPumpkin. dcuz and 100010 (0x22 on an alt) also showed up at the event. At 6:09 PM, Joey_Coconut lit the South Tower, but TPS only dropped by 10 due to Spigot plugins. The base took around 30 minutes to completely explode. After the detonation was complete, almost everyone committed suicide by end crystal.