Goodwill Trading

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Goodwill Trading
Goodwill Trading Banner
FoundedNovember 20th, 2016
BasesStable, Acheron

Goodwill Trading is a trade group with the purpose of collecting and selling books, maps, banners, and other unique items. The group tended to remain neutral and sold to any customer.

Goodwill Trading & Associates was a sub-group that was focused on managing friends, traders, map makers and other collectors into one discord. Associates and other roles in the discord were not full members of Goodwill Trading.


  • Goodwill Trading had the biggest mapart (3 by 3, all unique pieces, even relatively easily made because of the blue color) on 2b2t before the first map reset. The map was created by a good friend and fellow trader of the group, kyle_rayner_ion.
  • Goodwill Trading discovered the bookban exploit, later improved a lot by others, that has been used on and off throughout 2b2t's history.
  • Before the first map reset, Goodwill Trading had one of the biggest map art collections on the server. This was possible because of the good relationship with other big traders/collectors (new and old), including BenitoTortellini, 24, ufocrossing, kyle_rayner_ion, and others.
  • Goodwill Trading (mostly Tanaxis) was late to the item selling happening on the server. It was only after the prices dropped a lot that Tanaxis started to sell items, but he still preferred to be paid in collectable items (mapart, banners, etc), and he quit selling items pretty fast after the prices dropped even more.
  • In June 2021, their base/stash Acheron, founded in late 2016, was griefed by Redstoner2b2t and Steve3.
  • Goodwill Trading resumed activity under the name 'Badwill Trading' in 2022


The founders of Goodwill Trading, screenshot taken on 2b2t at the original Goodwill Trading outpost.
  • Tanaxis (Founder)
  • King (1_kingcris) (Founder)
  • Rimmy93 (Founder)
  • BitterCynic (Founder)
  • Niels241 (Founder by association with Bittercynic)

No new members were ever accepted into the group after the initial group split of from the Blind Eye Clan. The reason for never accepting new members was that the group did want to add risk to the base getting leaked.


  • Not only is Goodwill Trading a trading company, but an official group on the server with members participating in server events (example: 6th Incursion)