Goodwill Trading

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File:IMG 0012.PNG
Goodwill Trading Banner
File:IMG 0004.PNG
Goodwill Trading Logo/Map Art
Existed November 20th, 2016 - Present
Status Active
Bases ~5-10 (mainly trading outposts)
Numbers ~6 (members) ~5-10 (associates)

Goodwill Trading & Associates, or simply Goodwill Trading, is a trade group with the purpose to collect and sell items, books, maps, banners, and everything else that makes 2b2t special. The group tends to remain neutral and sells to any customer.



File:IMG 0002.PNG
Screenshot taken at Goodwill Tradings origin outpost, around 50k from spawn. 
Left to right: Jumbo, Rimmy, Jumbo (alt) Cris and Tanaxis. No Bittercynic & Niels though. ☹


  • kyle_reyner_ion (Founder) (Current CEO)
  • Tanaxis (Founder)
  • Jumbo_Warrior (Founder)
  • King
  • BitterCynic
  • niels241
  • Mr.Goodwill


  • Not only is Goodwill Trading a trading company, but an official group on the server with active members participating in server events (example: 6th Incursion)