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GeezerTown 6 was the first Geezer Mega-Base, which had over 80 members come and contribute to the base during it's lifespan. It is the sixth base by the GrayBeard Geezers, and was the most successful so far.

Geezer Town 6
Render of Geezer Town 6 prior to the grief
InhabitantsMuskWizard, CecilTheTurtle, Raaanch, Godroster, Dad_Twoknee, Osiris24, Max1mumChr1s, VapePens, Nothing777, RBGamz, themechalchecmist, 1drw, hardboiledmegs, OldLadyNorth, PaleBlueZebra, SANDBURGLAR, R1ckson, NotBeardo, TylerTalent, xcc2, TechSupportFlo, dustynutsacc, K3ys3r S0z3, Javikia, StarLightning, FIRECATinBLACK, Mega, Too Names, h00dplays, EBSmc, Lukent, N8TT, DABZALOT, Justen, CamiiMC, Man_Note, cpybara, YoMoBoYo, Skai256, P529, Greggopants, C0rRupt3dDadda, AdamRac, Flyy, Shvd0w, DouglasTheThird, BryceDey, Zock, zooksb, SwisherSurgeon, Dar Kuma, clink_clank, havlin, Dekto, MadCherryBro, Pidgeon30, Romal_FurnoI, chieken, PaulSteve007, _xque, Crunchy, MalexTheLion, Steampunkjax, rrdrock, metalbunny, phosph0lipid, Moto, Centxuri, Tortured Cosine, imeeerkat, usuriousberry39, BigGreasyEgg, Mako, Corbin2003, Senko_Foxx, ANALP0RN, Rius_14, JethroSkull, AlexDirectories, Fr33C00kie, D loaded, Hash_The_Slasher
LocationX:162,635 Z:-70,189
StartedSeptember 25, 2023
FinishedNovember 13, 2023
GriefedNovember 13, 2023
GriefersBackstreet Boys
World download
LinkNot Available


The base was founded on September 25th, 2023 by Muskwizard. The coordinates were first sent out to trusted members of the GrayBeard Geezers, and then from there, more members of the 2b2t community were invited to the base to come and build.

Musk worked with RBGamz to construct the central area of the base where the signboard was located. Max1mumChr1s arrived and constructed two sky builds at the center of the base next to the signboard.

Central Area of GT6

The base continued to expand, with new members arriving each day. OldLadyNorth built a large deepslate castle with the Welsh flag above it, while other members built a small village next to the central area. clink_clank built a large quartz garden to display 'Angel's Mirror', a large mapart by KevinKC, located centrally. He worked with Muskwizard to construct a mapart museum at the base where maps were displayed for others to see and copy. There were over 200 unique maps shown off at the base, including those along pathways and in houses.

GeezerTown 6 continued to grow; CecilTheTurtle worked to clean up a massive lush cave where he was the first to build. Following this, hardboiledmegs and 1drw built a community PvP arena down at bedrock and surrounded it with crying obsidan and sculk. They constructed their homes down there, and soon after havlin would join with a build of his own, adding much greenery and naturalization to the cave. Other members of the base such as Max1mumChr1s and Dar Kuma would contribute to the expansion of builds in the cave system. There was a breeding pool for Blue Axolotls built by PaleBlueZebra, where members could get these rare mobs for themselves. Connecting the surface to the cave system was "The Lush Cave Experience" which was constructed to showcase all the many mobs, blocks, and items that are able to be obtained in Lush Caves and Deepslate layers. Above ground, there was also a large golfing area constructed by Osiris24 where members would use tridents to fly through the air and drop into holes. Many members constructed houses and various builds in their diverse styles all across the base.

xcc2 was invited and built a mini version of his famous base, NFE, which led to a large medieval area being constructed right next to it.

Medieval Area at GT6

Various different farms were made at the base such as gunpowder farms, a large automatic sugarcane farm, a bee farm for honey, amongst others. These were built to help the members of the base collect various valuable materials that were difficult to obtain. Centxuri was invited and he constructed many large obsidian builds at the base.

At this time there was also a large push to start building maparts at the base. SANDBURGLAR worked with CecilTheTurtle to construct two massive map art platforms above the ocean to the southwest of the base where many members built unique map arts. Members also streamed the base, and created videos on it where they shared what they were working on.

The base continued to grow after the fall of Everyronebase with many of those players invited to Geezer Town 6. Activity exploded in this time period and members continually speaking about how they saw something new every day that they logged in due to the large amount of activity at the base.

After Godroster arrived at the base, Max1mumChr1s would have the idea to build a large canal which was a copy of the Southern Canal that the WaterWay Union was currently building. It had all the same designs and bridges that are used on the canal to prevent griefing. This was also done as a trusted member of the Geezers, FIRECATinBLACK, would be celebrating their IRL birthday at the base. A large birthday cake was designed by N8TT and constructed by _xque, while Centxuri built the large present that housed the gifts that were given to FIRECAT. clink_clank designed a redstone firework display where all the members of the base gathered together to watch.

A running gag at the base was Pidgeon30 and how he had his main account and alt account continually fishing during the entire life of the base. He even had his accounts fishing during the grief itself and afterwards. Centxuri built a massive Pidgeon Statue next to this fishing spot as a meme.

Many large and small builds were built here, showcasing how enthusiastic the builders were in making something amazing together.

The base continued to have daily activity from its inception until it was inevitably griefed.

Destruction & Aftermath

The base was destroyed on November 13th, 2023 after a fierce PVP battle involving Ihackedwalmart, Mako, CatGirlLana, Stabzz, and asplint. The griefers were initially held off and were unable to complete a full grief until returning many hours later.



One of the things that makes the GeezerTown Bases so unique is the willingness to stream the bases by members of the Geezers. Many members of GeezerTown Six hosted streams of the base either on YouTube or on Twitch. Members who streamed the base include Raaanch, Dad Twoknee, RBGamz, Pidgeon30, Dustynutsacc, Dekto, and others. Many videos were made at the base as well, which can be seen on YouTube.