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This page is for the 2b2t Garry's Mod server. For the game, check out the Wikipedia page on it.

The 2b2t Garry's Mod server was an Anarchy server on Gmod ran and founded by Hausemaster in August 2008.[1] It was founded after one of Hausemaster's friends, Kalash (Reima), was banned from 2f2f (2fort2furious), a Team Fortress 2 server the two had played on. The server had its Steam opened up on August 29th, 2008.[2] Hausemaster commonly experimented with mods and plugins on the server to terrorize the player base and let them have more stuff to play around with. The server was connected through (Source engine required www. to be typed in) or through Hausemaster's IP address, which was advertised on Kalash's YouTube channel.[3][4]


The server was founded sometime in August of 2008, after Hausemaster's past-friend Kalash was banned from 2f2f for using exploits. 2b2t's name was actually based off 2f2f's. 2b2t was created to be a place where you could do whatever you wanted, like today's 2b2t minecraft server. The Steam group for 2b2t was used by Hause for posting announcements,[5] which allows us to have a better look at the server's history. During 2009, the server was having issues with long periods of downtime, and it constantly needed resets. Kalash helped maintain the server with Hause, but lost his adminship sometime in April. This caused the Steam to be raided.[6] Hause might have also deranked some other unknown admins. In December of 2010, Hausemaster and Georgebush420 started up a new server based off the 2b2t brand, an anarchy Minecraft server. The Gmod server went down sometime after, but it is unknown when exactly. In an archive from September 2011, the Steam group mentions the minecraft server as the only active one.[7]

Notable Members

  • Hausemaster (Founder, Admin)
  • Kalash/Reima (Admin)
  • Tarty Sailor (Some lolcow squeaker)
  • Rage639 (Later active on MC 2b2t)
  • Bennygun (Later active on MC 2b2t)