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Gape Group
FoundedFeb 2014
BasesGape 1 + 2

Screenshot of Gape 1.0 from _Aaron_
Screenshot of Gape 1.0 from James_Rustles
Screenshot of Gape 1.0

The Gape Group was a group that saw its first roots in February 2014, when Victor96 and _Aaron_ made a giant hole near 1k -1k (Cyto's Gape). This was because of drama between Aaron and CytotoxicTcell, where the hole was supposed to resemble her gaping ass. Some people came to the area to build a few castles and fortresses, but nothing much came of it. It was later griefed, with lavacasts filling in the hole. Eventually, 9 players would revisit the area after the disbandment of Valkyria, but it was griefed once again even harder.

A few members of Gape 1.0 then decided to go out farther from spawn to start the new Gape, Gape 2.0, also called Caleesii's Gape (As she was one of the builders). The members of the base were coconut4, Caleesii, James_Rustles, and Victor96. But there were a few people who visited the area.

Some members of this group, including Victor96 and Caleesii, later based at The Monastery and renamed it "Gape Haven" sometime around mid-2016.