Gambino was a newfag known for his griefing and numerous attempts at starting groups. He also plays often under his alt account LordKekonomy, more so than his main.

JoinedFebruary 2018
Alternative AccountsLordKekonomy


Early history

Gambino first joined 2b2t around February 2018. After escaping spawn, he founded his first base at -50k -3k. He died on this island from running out of melons and rage quit. 2 months later he logged on with his account named Gambino and built a base -60k from spawn where he invited many players over time.. He made many friends during his first 2 months on 2b2t. He had found a stash of blocks around 160k out on his way to build a new base. This stash was all blocks and he sold it to Kervo for 1 stacked kit. During this time Gambino had also been working in The Vortex Coalition gathering intelligence for them for VoCoin, a currency used by the the group. He would use the VoCoin to buy items from the player Dqwnsyndrqme.

Gamnino found another stash when exploring NedaT's old base. He looted it, having moved 6 double chests of items, and the stash was soon griefed after he told the player Courier6 the coordinates. He then started the group named The Library dedicated to collecting books. The group attempted to join the UGE but being mainly newfags they weren't even considered and were removed almost immediately. Gambino then joined the group infrared. Gambino has been in many 2018 groups including The Freelancers, Highland, Voco, Infrared, Unidad and Team Eternity.

Gambino was relatively poor until the word started spreading about the Duo Donkey dupe. He found out the dupe around a month before it went public my gathering tidbits of info from many people. He duped ~120 dubs of gear. It is said that he spread it out all over the map under the assumption that having everything in one spot is a bad idea. Gambino founded the group named The Democratic Republic of 2b2t. This group was founded after Archivision (the library) had lost almost all activity. The DRSO2b2t didn't last very long because the group named Astral Order flooded it and took it over, impeaching Gambino from his council position and they then gave the player WomenAreObjects admin and the server was raided. Gambino then founded the group named The Teutonic Crusade (The Crusade) with the ideals of fighting the 6th incursion and helping newfags. He was doxxed by WomenAreObjects in mid-september as punishment for not telling him the dupe. Gambino also lagfagged with Samnrad in the summer of 2018. Later in his 2b2t life he became friends with his former rival quj and they split due to crusade drama.

Gambino has since almost quit 2b2t logging in rarely to grief bases and/or to sign books for his fans.

Post-summer 2019

Gambino returned to 2b2t at the beginning of the summer during a slight downtime of jared2013's server Macrochasm. He revived his group and duping as well as a minor amount of pvping and mostly exploring. He discovered a few mega bases built by BenzimitCola, as well as several other older bases. During this time, he founded the group "Archivision". The original goal of this group was to award players for finding bases.

Player Info

  The player Gambino (LordKekonomy) is NOT on anyones side but his own. He leads groups and is a natural sociopath. He is one of the most active 2b2t players. He is a builder, trader, explorer and pvper. The majority of Gambinos friends are people he brought out of spawn or helped sometime in his career
- Gambino, October 24 2018.

Despite trying to sound cool as seen from the primary source quote above, Gambino has relied on other users to remain at spawn, usually helping him. He has also asked for assistance when forming his series of Teutonic Order Groups, all of them mainly formed sometime in the fall of 2018.

Known Associates

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