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JoinedMid 2015
Bases2b2t Creative Mode Project, Block Game Mecca, Block Game Jerusalem
TypeBuilder, Digger
CurrentShortbus Caliphate, Block Gamers

GVNewman is a midfag who involved himself in a variety of spawn infrastructure operations prior to TheCampingRusher joining the server. He later joined Block Game Mecca and Block Game Jerusalem, where he took part in many large projects.


Early Days

Joining in mid-2015, GVNewman based by himself in a variety of projects until TheCampingRusher's videos changed the dynamic of the server. GVNewman moved to spawn, generally basing with YellowstoneJoe, where he built a variety of infrastructure projects, including the 1k ring road. GVNewman claims to have mined and placed over 30k and 50k blocks of obsidian in this 6 month period, respectively

Creative Mode Project

In December of 2016, GVNewman was invited to C4RTM4N's 2b2t Creative Mode Project, which lasted a few weeks.

Block Game Mecca

GVNewman was invited to Block Game Mecca January 1st of 2017, concentrating his effort there for a long period. In this time he built much of the infrastructure at the base, largely concentrated around the guardian farm area. Whilst at Mecca, GVNewman helped greatly in the construction of the several dragons at the base. Also while at BGM, GVNewman duped a large amount of gear, which is still in circulation years later.

Block Game Jerusalem

Following the destruction of Mecca, GVNewman moved to Block Game Jerusalem, where he began a large dig project and then went inactive. Following the revival of the base, GVNewman aided in several of TheColdOneJC's projects (such as the Shortbus), and continued to dig out vast swathes of the base.