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"Team Baguette vs. Team Veteran!"
JoinedAugust/September 2018
Alternative AccountsFuzay
PastTeam Baguette

FuzeIII or Fuze III is a French YouTuber who came to the server and ultimately started the ill-fated Seventh Incursion. He is responsible for the creation of Team Baguette, although never had an official established group of Team Baguette to fight "Team Veteran" or the Seventh Incursion. He left after losing his duel with Fit.


Fuze joined creating his 2b2t series. He came "in peace", and provoked a large-scale confrontation; arguably, one of the most disjointed Spawn Incursions to date. He created a loose attempt to fight "Team Veteran" or "Team Americain" with "Team Baguette." Similar to Team Rusher, it was a cooperative movement with no real centralization, just a general movement against the Seventh Incursion. Fuze continued conducting his series. The Seventh Incursion began strong with projects such as The French Frier, however, quickly lost steam as a result of multiple factors, such as leadership changes and numerous enemies. As a result, Fuze was able to continue with his streams, consistently.


On November 29th, 2018 at the ruins of Aureus City, Fuze departed after losing to Fit, who brought a 32k armor set.

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