Fsociety was founded in June 2019. Their main focus is on creating and relocating dupe stashes and building bases. One of their leaders, brad6305 joined the day before Etika joined with another player named PvtMcBagel. They explored spawn and over the course of a week or two became established about 300,000 blocks out. PvtMcBagel stopped playing the server, and brad6305 returned to spawn to rescue another player named R4dioactiveDust. They returned to the base and started becoming established. They learned of the then-active Future donkey dupe variation using two people and duped the few kits that they had. The two decided to use the resources they had to start a group base. They called themselves Fsociety meaning "fuck society" a reference from the USA show Mr. Robot. They kept their association with the name Fsociety a secret for a long time.

The official Fsociety logo
FoundedJune 2019
DisbandmentSeptember 2019

brad6305 and other members of Fsociety at the first spawn outpost

The First Raid

The group at this time consisted of only two members. In chat they noticed a player was asking publicly for someone to dupe with as one of the dupe variations at the time needed 2 people. R4dioactiveDust was able to get the player to give up his coordinates to the location where he planned on creating a duping station. Later that night brad6305 and R4dioactiveDust traveled to the coordinates by pig and found a duping station with full kits ready to dupe. They stole all the kits and nuked the location.

Infiltrating Prelives' Followers

Gaining Trust

A group called Prelives' Followers was advertising in chat for new members. The two joined their Discord and learned that the group planned on creating a dupe station near spawn for all new members. brad6305 learned of the coordinates hours after they were picked and showed up before most others. He logged out and waited a day to come back. When he did their was a house and players were showing up and creating a base. They needed a donkey and to gain trust brad6305 found a couple nearby and brought one back. R4dioactiveDust than shows up at the dupe stash and the two take their own share of illegals, 32ks, and stacked kits for them to take back and dupe themselves. The next day when the two logged in at the stash they found a crater with nothing left. They then returned to their own base. No one knows who griefed the first base, though fsociety were originally suspected.

Becoming an Outpost Leader

After the first trial follower base was griefed Prelives' Followers wanted to make another dupe stash while the dupe was still active. They decided to create three outposts all lead by one member with other members assigned underneath them. All members were assigned to one of the three outpost groups. All of which had their own Discord chat only members of the outpost could view. brad6305 was assigned to outpost #1 and R4dioactiveDust was assigned to outpost #3. Prelives' Followers made a post about aquiring new members, letting brad6305 join. He was assigned as the leader of outpost #1 and around this time R4dioactiveDust was moved to outpost #1 as well. brad6305 learned that as an outpost leader he could view all other outposts' chats.

The Fall of Outpost #3

brad6305 and R4dioactiveDust griefing Prelives' Followers trial followers outpost #3

Over the course of the next week they built up stashes. By this time brad6305 and R4dioactiveDust had taken everything they needed from this Prelives' Followers. brad6305 had been keeping an eye on the other outpost chats and written down the coordinates to all the other outpost locations. One night while the Discord was dead the two traveled by pig to Prelives' Followers Trial Follower's Outpost #3 and griefed it. They left fsociety banners at the ruins. By the next morning Prelives' Followers had realized and started an investigation into fsociety. Most trial members were questioned by Lunin himself and asked to give character testimony about others. brad6305 and R4dioactiveDust made it past all this without suspicion.

The Fall of Outpost #1

A couple of days later brad6305 and R4dioactiveDust nuked Prelives' Followers Trial Followers Outpost #1 which brad6305 was the leader of. Fsociety had claimed responsibility for this one as well. This helped in the two's defense as they had done a lot at the base and had a lot of items there still. At this point Prelives' Followers was in panic. They did not know who was insiding them and were all starting to turn on eachother. One member had recently been promoted to Established Followers in the Discord server and this member was suspected of insiding. But since Prelives himself wanted the member promoted the member kept his new rank.

The Fall of Outpost #2

Once two of the three outposts had been destroyed, brad6305 had learned how to dupe solo using Inertia (formerly known as WWE). He went back to the fsociety dupe stash and continued duping. R4dioactiveDust destroyed outpost 2 leaving fsociety banners behind . Prelives' Followers realized their mistake and removed all the permissions from outpost leaders and members to view chats, but the dupe had already been patched.

The End of Prelives' Followers

Prelives' Followers had begun to die out after the second griefing performed by fsociety. brad6305 and R4dioactiveDust posted the video of them griefing Outpost #3 in the Prelives' Followers Discord chat. This was when Prelives' Followers learned who fsociety was and was the first time brad6305 and R4dioactiveDust publicly associated with fsociety.

Becoming Established

Second Dupe Stash

brad6305 created his own kit naked Voiz's Maxed Kit which is still in use today. He realized that they needed to diversify their dupe locations while the dupe was still active, but they only still knew of the dupe method with two players. They traveled to the opposite side of spawn and created another dupe stash out there around the time of the "8th Incursion" spawned by jared2013. During this time brad6305 ran into jared2013 while passing spawn and recorded while they destroyed lava casts around 0,0 below.

Relocating a Dupe Stash

R4dioactiveDust stopped playing for about a week and brad6305 could not dupe for that time. He started a base millions of blocks from spawn. He then got an alt account on the server and walked him out of spawn all the way to the first dupe stash. brad6305 had learned about pearl teleporting and used the alt account to load a pearl teleporting him back to the dupe stash. His bed was in the millions. He just filled up his echest and /killed after setting another pearl. He used this method to move the majority of his dupe stash farther out from spawn.

Solo Inertia Dupe

6305 Outpost before it was griefed.

After moving his dupe stash, brad6305 learned of the solo Inertia (formerly known as WWE) dupe and started duping more at the new location as well as the old and the one on the other side of spawn. This is when all the duped fsoceity banners were made and distributed by the thousands. The two official ƒѕₒ¢ɪєту™ branded kits were made at this time as well. brad6305 continued to dupe for another week and eventually the infamous entity speed patch was applied effectively patching his active dupe method. All duped items were stashed is various locations. Fsociety by this time has multiple bases on every side of spawn.

The 6305 Outpost

After the dupe was patched, brad6305 ventured out from the stashes back to spawn using the pearl teleport he set up from before. He created a small outpost on the overworld highway out of obsidian at 0,6305. He traveled back and forth bringing materials to the small base. Here he would create a sanctuary for new players full of food, wood, pigs, and portals. He would leave kits behind in chest. A wall of messages praising the creator of the base appeared on one of the walls. One player by the name of CavemanOhYea decided to stay at the base and help maintain it as it was griefed quite regularly. He had gained the trust of brad6305 and become the first recruit into fsociety. The base was maintained for the next week or two and eventually succumbed to the griefers.

First fsociety Spawn Outpost before it was griefed

Recruiting on the Nether Highway

After the first recruit brad6305 and R4dioactiveDust wanted more members. They decided to walk the nether highways near 0,0 and rescue people walking away from Spawn. Any naked they came across they executed. They wanted people in basic iron or diamond armor. They would approach and intimidate the person surrounding them with banners and holding crystals. They then ask if they are affiliated with any groups and ask if they would like to join fosciety. If the player agreed they were given a kit and invited to the Discord server. If they refused they were allowed to leave. Using this method fsociety recruited around 3 or 4 people. One recruit invited his other two friends who, along with brad6305, R4dioactiveDust, and an unknown fifth player traveled out to start a base.

Ruins of the First fsociety Spawn Outpost

The First Fsociety Spawn Outpost

The First Fsociety Spawn Outpost was created near spawn off a major highway. Over the next couple of weeks to months more members showed up and signed the board there. The last recorded list of players was: brad6305, [redacted], [redacted], R4dioactiveDust, [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], urhereimnot. Around September 17th 2019 the base was found and griefed by IIS. They tried to remove all fsocety branding from the base and make it theirs. brad6305 returned to the ruins and cleaned them up leaving traces of fsociety behind. The ruins still stand in pretty much the same condition.