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"Follow the way of the obsidian core"
Approx. JoinedMay 2020
BasesNotre Dame, Saint Laurenschurch, Berliner Dom, Hagia Sofia, Adamantium, Fort Joe, Sinkhole City, George Harbor
Alt. AccountsFranklicious [1]
CurrentThe Lost Nomads, DonFuer, The Bakery
PastFight Club, Infinity Incursion

Franknificant is a newfag builder, most known for his Four Spawn Churches Project and builds for various events, most notably Fight Club. Most of his builds are available on The Archive.


Franknificant joined in May 2020 but remained largely inactive until September 2020.

Four Spawn Churches Project

After learning about the existence of Fight Club, Franknificant got into contact with Forceken and decided to build a miniature version of the Notre Dame as an arena for the next event. With the help of Monkeboy121, he mined ender chests at spawn for obsidian for the church. The structure was built 9.5k from Spawn and was used for the event.[2][3] After the event, Franknificant received donations from people who liked his build. He decided to take on a larger challenge and worked on a design of a church in his hometown in the Netherlands, the Saint Laurenschurch, which was also built on 2b2t as an obsidian structure on the opposite coordinates of his Notre Dame build.[4][5] The build was also visited by Fastvincent1 during a live stream.[6]

After this project, Franknificant learned how to use Schematica properly, and decided to add more details and variety to his next project, instead of just using obsidian. Together with Mishathewarlord, he built a third church, the Berliner Domm, again on similar coordinates. Rather than only obsidian, he used obsidian only for the "skeleton" of the build, over which he built with other blocks, making it harder to grief while also allowing for variation in its block palette. In the event of a grief, the obsidian most likely remaining would make rebuilding much easier.

While working on the Berliner Dom, Franknificant also built the 'Trumpkin' arena for Fight Club's Halloween/Presidential election event.[7] When the Berliner Dom was almost finished, the location was leaked and the build was partially destroyed. The obsidian core of the build served its purpose and preserved the shape of the structure. Franknificant and Misha decided to wait for a month before returning and finishing the build for the last Fight Club Event. During the event, the arena and build were visited by famous Turkish Minecraft YouTuber Doğukan Adal.[8][9]

The Hagia Sophia post-grief. This shows the obsidian core maintaining the general shape of the structure.

In December 2020, Franknificant participated in Forceken and Redstoner2b2t's attempt to make an enormous TNT cube, which he accidentally caused to be detonated prematurely. Despite this failure he was invited to contribute to the Infinity Incursion's 1 million TNT explosion project for New Year's Eve. There he made a TNT replica of his first church, Notre Dame.[10]

In early January 2021, Franknificant was invited by Joey_Coconut to build at Adamantium, a joint Shortbus Caliphate and Guardsmen base, where he built a rendition of the Frederick's Church in Denmark.[11] At this point, Franknificant had become known for his usage of obsidian cores in his builds, which became like a trademark of them.[12]

After these side-projects, he decided to finish his Four Spawn Churches Project by building the Hagia Sofia from Turkey about 9.5k from spawn. During the building process, he was assisted by multiple Turkish builders, including Poyraz_Kaptan, 0yiqitozturk, gokberkimben, 00Volkan and BUSOK. The build was successfully used as a part of the second Lost Nomad Games event,[13][14] which was griefed by Team WAO and Infinity Incursion

Recent projects

Frank chunkbanning a player
2021-05-03 05.02.31.png

After finishing the spawn churches project, Franknificant decided to take a small break from major projects. He did, however, participate in the construction of Sinkhole City, where he built a Hitler pixel-art in the sky. He also contributed to the third Lost Nomad Games event, building a large Etika pixel-art at the site.[15] Around that time, he was invited by BachiBachBach to take a leadership position in the new Infinity Incursion building division. Soon the division build their first spawnbase George Harbor, where Frank build a small house and boat.[16] Franknificant also began organizing within the George Floyd Spawn Incursion, a meme group with the goal of "ending racism on the server". In April, he was interviewed by Lunch_Katsu about his experiences on the server.[17] Frank also got four players chunkbanned for The Bakery. In late April, he came uninvited to Mediano, a Guardsmen base, to troll and replicate the Notre Dame Church. There is contention over who leaked coordinates to the Mediano. Franknificant claims he never leaked coordinates to the base that it was never his intention to grief or leak coordinates. The Guardsmen suspect Frank leaked coordinates to the Backstreet Boys while in II voice chat. Around the same time Frank reached the X+ world border and left his name on the border.