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"Follow the way of the obsidian core"
JoinedMay 2020
BasesAdamantium, Sinkhole City, George Harbor, Homeland, SpergClub, Herm SMP1, Herm SMP2
GriefsChunk Haven, The Homeland, Menegroth[1], Halicarnassus, Bachi's Spooky Base, The Lost Nomads 1 year Anniversary Base, SpawnFuer23
TypeBuilder, Griefer, Lagger, Collector
Alternative AccountsFranklicious, MrSwollNet, Frank2b2t, DonaldTrump2b2t
CurrentMew Revolution, Fifth Column, Guardsmen, Backstreet_Boys Clout Club
PastFight Club, Infinity Incursion, The Lost Nomads, DonFuer, The Bakery, Watchmen, Pitfight, Shortbus Caliphate, Jballs/Team Rocket, 2b2t Times and Snake Platoon

Franknificant is a newfag builder, mostly known for designing and building builds based on fictional and real-life structures. Most of his builds are available on The Archive. Frank has also been interviewed by Lunch_Katsu about his experiences on the server.[2]


The Hagia Sophia post-grief. This shows the obsidian core maintaining the general shape of the structure.

Franknificant joined in May 2020 but remained largely inactive until September 2020. He has designed and built multiple structures on 2b, most of which were used for public spawn events like Fight Club, Nomad Games and Pitfight. Four of these structures together formed the 'Four Spawn Churches Project', a series of churches all on opposite coordinates within the spawn region.[3] Frank developed a building style where he would integrate an 'obsidian core' to the building, meaning that behind each wallm ceiling and floor a hidden obsidian skeleton would be integrated. This made the builds harder to grief while also allowing for variation in its block palette.

Early 2021 Frank was invited by BachiBachBach to take a leadership position in the new Infinity Incursion building division. Due to backlash after raiding a Guardsmen Base in the II building division he left the group after the first spawnbase: George Harbor.[4]

After participating in the grief of a SpawnMason lodge and base called Chunk Haven with Team Rocket, Todarac used the Nocom exploit to find one of Franks personal abandoned stashes.

In september 2021 Frank and Forceken started The2b2tTimes, a weekly newspaper printed as a mapart and spread all over the server. They covered different topics, such as exploits, the potential of the server updating, the drama surrounding Jakethasnake52 and BachiBachBach and their behavior around minors and the 'unwritten rules' of the server leading to multiple bans.

In april 2022 Frank constructed a map id wall containing over 99% of all map ids in the game, as of version 1.12.2.[5]

In june 2022 Franks Duomo Cathedral was used for a Wedding Event, as covered by Fit.[6]

List of public structures

Structure Based on Building period Usage Location Picture Other info Obisidian used Sources with footage
Notre Dame Notre-Dame de Paris September 2020 Fight Club X: 7828 Y: 9465 NotreDame.png Franks first build on 2b2t.

Made with help from monkeboy121.

First church in the 'Four Spawn Churches Project'.

c. 8200 [7][8]
Saint Laurens Church Sint-Laurenskerk September 2020 Fight Club X: -7810 Y: -9702 SaintLaurens.jpg Based on church in Franks hometown.

Visited by Fastvincent on stream.[9] Second church in the 'Four Spawn Churches Project', on the opposite coordinates of the first Notre Dame.

c. 20.000 [10][11]
Berliner Dom Berlin Cathedral October - December 2020 Fight Club X: 7612 Y: -9667 Dome.jpg Built with the help of MishatheWarLord.

First use of obi core technique.

Visited by Turkish Minecraft YouTuber Doğukan Adal.[12]

Third church in the 'Four Spawn Churches Project', on the opposite coordinates of the other churches.

c. 100.000 [13]
Trumpkin N/A October 2020 Fight Club X:-9966 Y: 8930 Trumpkin.jpg Built with Mishathewarlord. 0 [14]
Frederick's Church Frederick's Church December 2020 Adamantium X: -71878

Y: -39022

Frederick.jpg c. 14.000 [15][16]
Hagia Sophia Hagia Sophia January and february 2021 Nomad Games 2 X: -7769 Y: 9634 Sofiaees.jpg Built with the help of Turkish players including Poyraz_Kaptan, 0yiqitozturk and gokberkimben.

Fourth church in the 'Four Spawn Churches Project', on the opposite coordinates of the other churches.

c. 55.000 [17][18]
Notre Dame 2 Notre-Dame de Paris December 2020 1 million TNT detonation around -X:1600 Y:15200 TNTNotreDame.jpg TNT replica of the first Notre Dame build 0 [19]
Notre Dame 3 Notre-Dame de Paris April 2021 Build at Guardsmen base Mediano X: 71542 Y: -136353 NotreDameMediano.jpg Built with SilverEyes and FrenchDuke while visiting Guardsmen base Medianouninvited c. 8200 [20]
Notre Dame 4 Notre-Dame de Paris April 2020 X+ World Border Monument X:299999959 Y:0 WorldBorderNotreDame.jpg c. 8200
Notre Dame 5 Notre-Dame de Paris July 2021 Nomad Games IV X: 7828 Y: 9465 NotreDameNG4.png Rebuild and revised version of the original Notre Dame, after it was almost completely mined away by Guardsmen.

Built with The Lost Nomads.

c. 8200
Watchmen Citadel Palace of the Soviets August 2021 Build at the Guardsmen Homeland X: 43870 Y: -39690 WatchmenCitadel.jpg Part of the Watchmen conquest of the Guardsmen Homeland.

Built with Gravixious, Rlbob and preb2.

c. 203.000 [21]
Dome of the Rock Dome of the Rock August 2021 Built at BSB base SpergClub X:-5896 Y:-3751 DomeofRock.jpg Built with BSB. c. 8500 [22]
Statues of Jake and Bachi N/A September 2021 Build at BSB Base SpergClub and in the Spawn Watercube X:-5769 Y:-3746 Statuess.jpg Response to controversy surrounding Bachibachbach and Jakethasnake52 0 [23]
High Charity High Charity September 2020 Pit Fight X:-6055 Y:3678 (The End) HighCharity.jpg Fifth Arena for Pit Fight.

Built with An1meTiddie, MrAllnet, KitNightingale, GodoftheOceans and others.

Contained multiple rooms with interiors designed by the builders and a music machine by Roy4l Rondi that played the Halo Theme Song.

over 600.000 [24][25]
Notre Dame 6 Notre-Dame de Paris September 2021 Pit Fight X: -654 Y:3843 (The End) NotreDameTheEnd.jpg c. 8200
El Castillo El Castillo September 2021 Hermeticlock SMP 1 X:-58494 Y:-83083 ElCastilloreplica.jpg Contained a Fight Club Arena and library. c. 27500 [26]
Notre Dame 7 Notre-Dame de Paris October 2021 Fight Club c. X:-731 Y:1176 (Nether) NetherNotreDame.jpg Built with soggydoggy. c. 8200
Hausemaster Arena October 2021 Fight Club X:-400 Y:8100 Hausemasterarena.jpg Contained a massive sand lag machine. Built with Forceken, Bikmunni, Soggydoggy and others. [27]
Speyer Cathedral Speyer Cathedral November 2021 Hermeticlocks 2b2t SMP 2 X:-53490 Y:-90906 SpeyerCathedral.jpg Contained a Banner Museum. It was featured in BarrenDome's 'final' 2b2t related video.[28] Built with Gravixious. c. 65000 [29]
Notre Dame 8 Notre-Dame de Paris November 2021 Fight Club c. X:0 Y:0 (Water Cube) Waternotredame.jpg Visited by Russian youtuber Dennis Fillin.[30] c. 8200
Notre Dame 9 Notre-Dame de Paris December 2021 Fight Club c. X:-1500 Y:1500 NotreDame9.jpg Build at spawnbase McDonalds c. 8200
Notre Dame 10 Notre-Dame de Paris April 2022 c. X:-29999959 Y: 0 WBNotreDame.jpg X- World Border Monument c. 8200 [31]
Duomo Cathedral Duomo Cathedral May 2022 HK and Vertz Wedding Event X:51636 Y:-21038 DuomoCathedralWeddingEvent.png Redesign of earlier design by Frank used for Nomad Games V without his consent.

Built with KitNightingale, MrAllnet, Forceken, Gravixious, Svenn_Svenn and others.

70000 [32]

[33] [34]

Royal Albert Hall Royal Albert Hall June 2022 2B2T Oscars Event X: -13745

Y: 9656

Oscars.png Built with Bookhood c. 50000 [35]


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