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BasesBlock Game Mecca, Block Game Jerusalem, Ironfarm Base, Goldfarm Base, 500k Base
GriefsImperator's Base, Sniper's Peaceful Island, Helios, Space Valkyria 3 V2
Alternative AccountsOreMongoloid
CurrentNerds Inc, 0x22, Babbaj, leijurv, popbob, iTristan
PastThe 4th Reich, victormeriqui, jared2013, 0xymoron, x0XP, c0bra51, kinorana

fr1kin is an oldfag who joined in late 2011, known for his affiliation with nerds inc., his hacked client Forgehax, and his participation in the NoCom exploit.


fr1kin joined in 2011, and participated in several bases with friends from GMod, including 0xymoron and c0bra51. In 2012, he became friends with x0XP, with whom he created a base at 500k, simply known as 500k Base. It was during this time that he utilized an exploit with written books in order to apply an arbitrary enchantment, which later became known as 32k Books. He and x0XP were also the recipients of Hausemaster's Book of Coords, which was a written book which contained the coordinates of several bases on the server.

From 2013 to 2014, fr1kin was inactive, returning in early 2015 during the Third Incursion, and becoming friends with jared2013 via an introduction by x0XP. With jared2013, he created Goldfarm Base, which remained active until 2016 Post-Rusher.

In 2016, fr1kin was briefly a member of The 4th Reich, with whom he griefed Helios as well as a number of other bases, and was introduced to 0x22 and Babbaj. fr1kin was made a member of nerds inc. in late 2016 due to his affiliation with iTristan and jared2013.

In early 2017, fr1kin utilized an exploit he had discovered which enabled him to bring the server TPS (Ticks Per Second) to 0.00, effectively pausing interaction on the server. At this time, he and kinorana recovered Pig Spawners from Pyrobyte's Master Stash, which were circulated later in 2017.

In 2018, the NoCom exploit was brought to fr1kin's attention by 0x22 and Babbaj, and he worked with them, as well as leijurv to expand and refine the capabilities of the exploit until it was ultimately discovered in 2021. Since 2020, fr1kin has been inactive on 2b2t.


2b2t reddit interview with fr1kin (TAP)