4th Incursion

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4th Incursion
DurationJuly 24-September 1, 2016
Member Count~40
Base of OriginCrystal Islands
Spawn BaseMoscow, Baghdad, Medina
Groups InvolvedTeam Veteran, Team Rusher, The Resistance, Peacekeepers, The 4th Reich, Team Aurora (towards the end), several other smaller fagtions and groups
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IV Incursion or Fourth Incursion was comparable in length to the Third Incursion. This Incursion was started by jared2013 due to the Rusher invasion of the server when all other attempts by individual players to slow the flow of Rushers failed. At some point, jared2013 abandoned the server for one of his many short-term hiatuses, and Sato86 took the reigns of the Fourth Incursion for a period of time.

The Fourth Incursion is considered a separate entity from Team Veteran, due to much of the rejection of Fit's careless integration of newfags and his YouTube shilling. Suspicions, that were later found to be correct, of Fit collaborating with TheCampingRusher was also a contributing factor of keeping Fit at arm's length.

Despite what some think, Fit was not involved with Fourth Incursion activities, and only ever came on the Fourth Incursion Discord server to gain information about ongoing events which he was not a part of or to advertise his videos.

During the Incursion, large amounts of Rushers were killed and several enemy bases were griefed by Team Veteran, The 4th Reich, and the Fourth Incursion.

As time dragged on, spawn became deserted with no one left but those using End Crystals to suicide those who were dumb enough to stay in spawn. Eventually, there would be internal conflicts that resulted in the destruction of 2 bases including Baghdad and Medina. However, no major amount of resources were lost on their part. The bases were for resting, repairing, and food. With bed bombing and End Crystal bombing becoming the new norm, the Fourth Incursion changed their tactics accordingly and followed DemonElite119's move in creating lag machines in order to disrupt any progress by newfags or Youtubers. Despite this, TheCampingRusher still kept playing on the server (despite the lag machines not allowing him to make a base), which essentially caused the Incursion to fail. However, not long after the 4th Incursion, Rusher left for the first time from 2b2t due to him losing ideas for his youtube series and the start of school.

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