Fort Joe

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Fort Joe
Fort Joe
Inhabitantsodpay, Kokainer, Be4no, LightningB0lt44, Madmeg, Coxinator2, digandbuilder, Cap_with_a_K, Hinterhof, _HANDYMAN, KazumaB, bread_loafs, OpWolfy, I_tri, b11, KBGaming, Lunch_Katsu, tuxiscool, IronException, y_a_t_a, Steampunkjax, Bathory343, fiddlesticks98, seatb3lt, 0eme, Matrion_27, oofcloof, neon, slol, Franknificant, Pyruuuu, Nemo2013, forceken, Univercius, zeenyo, FencingF, epearl, 2b2tegirl, quackk, LilN1gger, youfoundsand, Chris0929, 0Neb, LordGalvatronMC, Joey_Coconut, Todarac, and Negative_Entropy
LocationX: 8000 Z: 8000
StartedFebruary 06, 2021 (three years ago)
GriefedMarch 01, 2021 (three years ago)
World download
Link[/warp Fort_Joe_2021-03-01]

Fort Joe was a spawn base located inside househousehouse1’s 8k8k lava cast built in early 2021.


Fort Joe was a spawnbase founded on February 6th 2021, by bread_loafs, i_tri, KBGaming, and Hinterhof. The base had a variety of members from many different groups including Shortbus Caliphate, Spawnmasons, Infinity Incursion, and Backstreet Boys. Fort Joe Had over 50 members when it was greifed, and the bases ruins are still recognizable to this day.[1]

Fort Joe sign board
Fort Joe Main Hall

The base survived for a month before it was found and greifed by winter116 on March 1st 2021.

Sinkhole City

After the fall of Fort Joe, the members of the discord moved on to a new base, Sinkhole City. However this base didn’t last long or have nearly as many members as Fort Joe.