Forceken is a 2016 player, known for hosting Fight Club and other projects. He also has a 2b2t focused YouTube channel with over 3200 subscribers as of September 2021.[1]

"Circumcise yourself"
JoinedMid-June 2016
BasesPi's Keep, Olturaz, Disabled, Devil's Dick, Glory Hole, Order of Lucifer Initiation Base, 420 base, Shit Base, Eternal Peak, Adamantium, George Harbor, SpergClub, The 2b2t Museum
TypeLagger, Organizer
Alternative AccountsForceRiza, _Harriet_Tubman
CurrentFight Club, Brownmen, Jballs, No Server November, Guardsmen, The Bakery, 2b2t Times, TEA
PastOrder of Lucifer, The Peacekeepers


Early days and bases

Forceken joined in June 2016, after TheCampingRusher posted his video about the server. After establishing himself, he eventually joined the The Peacekeepers, a group dedicated to attacking both Team Veteran and Team Rusher. In these early months, he established a small base a few thousand blocks away from spawn, close to the southern canal and joined multiple bases.[2] The first one was Olturaz, which was visited by Fit on stream.[3] A second base was Pi's Keep, set up by a player named Sickbeats. Here, Forceken experienced his first dupe. The group and base ended after one of the members insided for the Spawnmasons.[4] After this Forceken started a new dupestash. In 2016, Forceken also sporadically organized the first Fight Club 'events' where players would fight each other barehanded in small pits and arenas around spawn. Forceken, along with other former base members, left the Peacekeepers and formed a new group called the Order of Lucifer, which would ridicule the Peacekeepers and Spawnmasons and 'initiate' new members at a spawn base build. Forceken also established multiple solo bases, including Devil’s Dick[5], the 420 base, Shit Base and a base where he built a 'pig spawner grinder' which involved pig automatically spawning, dying and their meat getting cooked and stored. Meanwhile The Order of Lucifer organized different spawn projects, including the 'Satanic Coordinates Project', which involved the building of satanic structures at coordinates related to the number 6 and the construction of a 'Melon Highway' and a 'Pig Spawner Highway' on the X+ nether Highway.[6][7][8] While the group was becoming less active, members got into conflict with Emperium, leading to personal information about Forceken getting leaked. In retaliation, Forceken made a mapart of the face of the leader of Emperium, TheDark_Emperor, and spread it around spawn.[9]

Fight Club and other events

Through 2018 and 2019, Forceken would experience multiple dupes, making him one of the wealthier players on the server. He would also start organizing more events, as for example a 4th of July event in 2018, which included a giant American flag built a few hundred blocks from spawn. In late 2019, Forceken got the location of one of the largest mapart on the server, close to the -/- world border, and griefed it. On the journey back, he griefed multiple monuments and met a player named Brackflip, with whom he started a base. Together with a player named R41F, they would reboot the idea of Fight Club as an organized series of events. The first event was held on June 26th, 2020 and continued mostly weekly until December that year.[10][11] Soon thereafter, Forceken organized the Snow Ball Fight League, an event where teams of players score point by hitting item frames with snowballs.[12] Besides one independent even, two arenas were featured in the Nomad Games, hosted by The Lost Nomads. An event similar to Fight Club, where players fought each other using normal gear, was held in June 2021 as a celebration of the five year anniversary of the Rusher Invasion, and again covered by Fit.[13][14]

Lag Machines, trolling and exploits

Besides organizing events, Forceken also was a fervent lagger and exploiter that built many lagmachines as member of The Brownmen, and participant of NoServerNovember and The Bakery in 2019 and 2020.[15] One of the machines, called the 'EMP', was covered by Fit in a video, in which he described it as an 'immortality machine' due to the fact that it could make a player's hitbox disappear, thus making it temporarily impossible to harm them.[16] A second 'sideway' version of the machine was built below a Fight Club arena as part of No Server November.[17] Forceken also used multiple exploits to trap or kick new player, including boat bans, cobwebs and a million blocks of tnt in another collaboration with the Infinity Incursion.[18][19][20] Forceken was also involved in digging towards and grief of the megabase, Mu Megabase 2.[21] An 'invisible base' Forceken constructed using an exploit related to 'block 36 was also featured in a Fit video in early 2021.[22][23][24] Soon thereafter Forceken organized 'The Underground Railroad', a project in which new players were lured to a beet plantation to perform slave labor.[25]

2b2t Times

In August 2021, Forceken founded the 2b2t Times, a weekly community newspaper mapart, which covered current events, as well as historical events, on 2b2t. During its operation, over 750,000 unique maps were distributed, containing the newspaper story all over the server. Over 1500 people had joined the 2b2t Times Discord server until Forceken shut down the project after his accounts had been priobanned. Shortly after 2b2t updated to 1.19.4 in August 2023, most of Forceken's accounts had been unpriobanned. Following this development, 2b2t experienced a rollback without an item economy reset and chunk culling. Forceken took this opportunity to resurrect the 2b2t Times during the same week. Since the update, the 2b2t Times has published over 10 articles, resuming its mission to provide the server's community with valuable news and information.



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